Colors of Life at Radix Holi Fest

Colors Of Life At Radix Holi Fest

It’s your life, it’s your one life, so don’t be shy get the rugged clothes, make yourself comfortable and play with colors and add colors to others life

Is Holi just a Holi? Well no it’s not just Holi when we play at office. Festive celebrations are always good idea to have a break from office routine and come out of those cubicles. We work hard we work as one team and when it comes to the festival we even party harder. At Radix, we believe having fun officially is merrier and boost the bonding amongst teammates. The color fest this year was absolute fun. Well, this year DJ wale Babu was Balam pichkari – yea don’t get confuse because Holi fever is on at Radix.

Funtime with Vibrant Colors

Colors, fun, and food – “Be colorful and spread the colors in others life” this is how we played Holi this year. At Radix, we always look forward to events and celebrations and now these unusual times, getting together and celebrating festivals have become an auspicious part of our world.

Holi Hungama Made Atmosphere Colorful

Keep Calm because it’s Holi time at Radix

Once again, our HR team took extra efforts and arranged yet another fun packed colorful eve. This year the fun was doubled because our team size got increased with new bees. Colors, sound, delicacies and Radixians have perfectly blended this festival in a glass like Wine – were all set to blast. The environment was exciting and it took hardly a minute for us to start playing with colors. Radixians were wishing and dancing with “colorful of joy” and shouting massively – “Bura Na Mano Holi Haiii”!!!

Colors Made Everyone Colorful

Yes, we can’t really complete the festival without having that de-Lish food. Yummy snacks and cold drinks were icing on the cake! Some were busy eating, some were making plans to meet next day and have fun repeated while some were still at dance floor dancing crazily. The celebration time gave us happiness and unbounded revelry. We still can’t come over from that hangover of shouting Holi Hai…. throwing colors, and spreading the smiles. All in all an awesome evening with Radixians. Waiting for next one!

Radixians Enjoying Dance and Yummy Dishes

Keep spreading colors to others life!

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