Beams of IoT to Strengthen HVAC Structures for Tomorrow!

Beams Of IoT To Strengthen HVAC Structures For Tomorrow!

Emerging near the Mediterranean basin, it was in early c.3100-2300 BCE that Egypt laid the first stones of Architecture. Ancient palaces, pyramids and places of worship had strong Antiquity- the art of designing and constructing buildings. Architecture has always been entwined with Art, Aesthetics and Age!

While each architecture is a story in itself- each building is a strong reflection of the culture which births it. There are No Brownie points for guessing- What Drives Architecture Today? Internet of Things (IoT) is changing gears of what we see of Architecture and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in particular!

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Just like human body consists of flesh and blood to keep it alive, buildings of today must have their “Tech DNA” in place- to make it come alive! To maintain a physical workforce, you need concrete infrastructure- but to maintain a futuristic workforce you will need the right vision and partner to handle innovation of tomorrow.

As per Gartner’s 2017 report, 8.4 billion devices will be connected worldwide in 2017. Moving to 2018, businesses will ramp up connecting cross-industry devices for smart buildings and drive connectivity with higher volume with lower cost devices. These devices will reach to 4.4 billion units by 2020.

While buildings are built with the motto of “Made to Last”- the floor plan of HVAC industry needs to be created with “Made to Lead”! Whatever you build, is your legacy; make sure it is ready to safeguard it against tech storms yet to emerge! With IoT Winds Blowing High, the time is here to pull down the curtains and build the Base on Clouds.

Know How IoT is Revolutionizing the Way We View HVAC


Disruptive technologies are reviving as extremely user-friendly and churning out data at a massive speed. Adding “Art of IoT” to HVAC is to deliver an engaging User Experience by surviving in the data tsunami created by smart and connected systems. Sieving data through the filters of time, accuracy and easy access is important.

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IoT-enabled sensors are replacing traditionally used Building Automation Systems (BAS) to provide data, analytics and streamlined connectivity. This next-gen technology is not only bounded to solely heating and cooling functions, but also to other systems like security and lighting for perfect synchronization between systems.

For Example: As per the weather forecast, the temperature is going to dip down in the next 24 hours. Smart systems in your office will note the fall in temperatures and start heating before the employees arrive. You save time, costs and efforts and in addition, the employees find a comfortable atmosphere in the morning itself.

In closed environments, level of comfort is driven by temperature and humidity – web based systems read, understand and act accordingly to work with optimum efficiency while maintaining a welcoming environment.

Smart HVAC Systems Share Real-Time Information that Save Costs and Reduces Maintenance

With Real-time monitoring, intelligent HVAC systems continually share information (status and operability) to respective persons. It helps to be proactive and not defensive while saving costs and reducing maintenance.

Finding the right IT partner to upgrade your entire system to better and smarter Cloud technology will be a profitable move for your business.


Adding more aesthetics to the art of IoT-ized HVAC systems is Remote Diagnostics. It extends predictive maintenance by several miles as it enables us to solve the diagnosed problem with the help of remote devices like mobile or tablets (from anywhere and anytime), that saves both-time and costs and improves productivity.

In an IoT driven world, consumers want more than just a ‘smart system’. It is about reining absolute control through systems. We are in times where the switches have been replaced by clicks and you don’t need to have a switch nearby to adjust the temperature in your office while you are sitting idly in your home. Thermostats allowing users to create sets of temperature schedule for controlling multiple locations from a single app is not fiction anymore.

Meet The IoT Experts – We make the Future Real

Age of Efficient Energy

Fitting smart and connected sensors in HVAC units that track both internal as well external parameters offers maximized efficiency. Companies have witnessed up to 20% reduction in energy consumption by adapting ‘demand response’ technology. It offers users the chance to shift their load in response to downsize pressure on transmission or distribution network. It can be deployed at industrial, commercial and residential levels.

Whether it is hospitals, schools, universities, airports, government buildings or corporate headquarters, an optimized infrastructure laden with smart HVAC systems can cut installations and lifecycle costs.

While data is the blood for the systems, IoT duly carries life-blood of your businesses in a secured way.

Creating HVAC Hoo-hah with Radixweb

Whatever Good Things We Build; End up Building Us! Be Timeless like the Pyramids by engineering the Growth Genie in your HVAC systems as everything around you is slowly evaporating to Clouds. Mitigate risks, reduce overhead costs, increase lifespan and meet 360 degree market needs with a concrete engagement with Radixweb right away.

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