Application Development for School Management

Application Development For School Management

Radixweb has developed a school management web application for efficient and integrated school management. This school management app streamlines the processes of the school system and enhances the dissemination of information. Schools can now optimize their resource utilization by leveraging the potential of educational app development.

The school management app identifies the main participants of the education system as:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • School Administrators

The solution offers an integrated view to all these members and a slew of tools to use for better operations. It has modules that make online management and day to day administration easy.

Teacher Management

Register New Teachers: The school admin can register new teachers in the system. On new registration, the solution will send an email to the new teacher with following details:

  • Registration Details
  • Login Details
  • School System’s URL

Import Teacher Details: The admin can upload or import teacher details from XL file.

Teacher Schedules: The teachers can view and update their schedules as per calendar entries.

Student Management

Student Registration & Schedule Management: The school admin can register new students and manage their information. The registered students can view their schedules as per calendar entries.

Import Student Data: The admin can upload or import student details from XL file. The registered students can be grouped and/or filtered by class, and reports can be generated.

Parents Registration: The admin can enter and store parents’ information into the system and assign them to respective students.

Parents Module

View Children Information: Registered parents can log into the system and view their children’s information.

View Report Cards: Parents can view report cards of their ward as soon as they are published.

Attendance Records: They can verify the attendance records of their children.

Report Card, Grade Books, & Grading

Grading Category Management: A registered school can define its own assessment categories and assign grading percentages to each category. For eg: Quiz – 20%, Assignments – 20%, Exams – 60%.

Manage Grades: School can map aggregated percentage score to a grade. For eg: above 70% = A, 60%-69% = B, etc.

Grade Books: Registered teachers can capture grades in any grade category for their subject. Our solution uses a percentage weighting system and aggregates grades. The aggregated score is further assigned a grade based on the score-to-grade mapping.

The grade books work like an XL with headers and detail. Teachers can create assessments in header and confirm category and class using a drop-down list. Students are displayed as detail so that teachers can capture date and full score for them. On completion, the score and grades become read-only fields.

Report Cards: You can generate customized report cards according to your requirements. You can make following changes to reports:

  • Change logo
  • Change background
  • Change font type, style, and color

Attendance Management

Mark Attendance: Registered teachers can update student attendance for their subject or course in each class. They can use attendance values like:

  • Present (P)
  • Absent (A)
  • Late (L)
  • Absent – Excused (Ax)

Import Attendance: Teachers can import and upload attendance records using XL file.

Alumni Tracking

Universities and companies can generate queries and track alumni of schools.

Reports Generation and Management

The admin can generate 7 medium complexity reports from the solution. We can further add custom reports to the solution according to requirements.

Security Module

Manage Security Roles: The admin can create, edit, and remove security roles from the system.

Manage Security Tasks: Admin can assign and manage tasks for different security roles. Each security role will have used based access and functionalities.

Staff Member Management: The admin can add new staff members, create and edit their duties, and even remove them from the system.

Single Login and Password Protection: All system users get a single login facility. The solution has a password recovery facility for lost or forgotten password cases.

Schedule Management

Manage Subjects, Classes and Venues: The admin can add, edit, and remove subjects and classes in the system. He can assign different subjects to different classes. He can also manage venues for different classes.

Create Schedule: The admin can schedule the number and time of lessons for each subject-class combo. He can assign teachers and venues for lessons.

Update, Import, View, and Print Schedules: The admin can make amendments to schedules previously created. He can import schedules from predefined XL templates. Users can print their schedules when needed.

Fees and Payment Tracking

Create Fees: The admin can define fee amount, type, and frequency in our solution. He can register the fees in the system and assign them to students. He can assign fees for a particular activity when students subscribe to it. He can track payments and send reminders to students and parents.

Record Payments and Create Invoice: The admin can record fee payments and generate invoice for the same. He can upload payments from XL, CSV, or XML files. The admin, teachers, and parents can print a statement of fee invoice.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Manage Activities: The admin can add, edit, and remove extra-curricular activities for each student individually.

Display Activities: Students, parents, and teachers can view activities assigned by the admin and any amendments.

Discipline Tracking

This is a very interesting module developed for the solution. The solution users can use this module to:

  • Report incidents that require disciplinary procedures.
  • Set up disciplinary committee to deal with breach incident.
  • Notify members about meeting schedules.
  • Record minutes of the committee meetings.
  • Reporting members can follow the committee proceedings.
  • Record punishment or resolution of the proceedings.

Lesson Plans and Online Assignments

Registered teachers can create lesson plans with details like:

  • Lesson topic
  • Lesson objective
  • Resources to be used
  • Lecture notes
  • Assignments and their submission details

Online Assignments: Teachers can create assignments online with a submission box and due date and alert students about it. Students can upload and submit their assignments online. The teacher can download the assignments, review them, and grade them. The school management web application also maintains a record of the number of assignments assigned to each student and the number of submissions made.


This module allows the admin to operate an online library for the school system. The admin can use the module to:

  • Manage different book categories
  • Manage books in each category

The solution also allows students to:

  • Search for books based on their titles, categories, authors, etc.
  • Reserve books online and collect them within specified time.
  • Define return date for the book.


A school often involves ancillary services in addition to teaching. An excellent example of this would be renting graduating coats. Our skilled application development methods allow you to capture and record these activities as well. Here again, admin and students get different functionalities.

The admin can:

  • Add, edit, remove, and manage additional services
  • Manage products, their quantities, and prices

The students of the system can:

  • Search for products based on criteria
  • Reserve products and collect them within specified time


Just like services module, the trades module allows the school to account for other additional trade activities. This module has below listed functionalities:

  • Admin can add, edit, remove, and manage service categories.
  • Admin can register third parties for trading purposes.
  • Admin can advertise these third parties and their service offerings within university system.
  • Students can request services from third parties.

School Management Module

The solution admin can use this module to:

  • Add new school and its details to the system
  • Manage existing schools or search for any particular school
  • Manage school specific data like logo, contact details, etc.

Radixweb is an app development company that has developed this software solution for education after garnering an in-depth understanding of the education system and its works. Interestingly, our solution is highly customizable for every educational need. We can customize the modules and functionalities to address any unique requirements.

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