WHQL Testing & Certification

Radix offers testing services to device driver vendors who are vying for the reputed Designed for Windows certification. The certification is an attestation of your driver’s suitability and compatibility with the Windows operating system.

A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Radix is considered cream of the industry when it comes to testing the device drivers for Windows suitability. We house a complex testing environment to rigorously test the driver reliability. Our end-to-end testing services use the Driver Test Manager (DTM) framework that puts your device drivers through several scenarios of stress tests to bring out the vulnerabilities. We follow up the testing with prompt feedback and advice. We microscopically oversee the accuracy of the submissions made and the specifications established for your drivers.

Radix ensures that your drivers, once cleared, are put up on the Windows Update site and get suitable support from Microsoft. In case of failure, we analyze the reasons and extend our technical expertise to debug the problems to bring your drivers at par with Microsoft specifications.

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