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Team Profile

Our Torchbearers

Radix is a valiant endeavor of industry veterans who have joined hands with the shared goal of offering quality outsourcing services. Their out-of-the-box thinking, commitment to quality, dedication to core values and incredible insight have made Radix a successful name. Acting as our guiding light, they have imparted their valuable knowledge and cognition to guide Radix through its journey of a decade.

Driven by a passion for excellence, our top management has its vision set on making Radix a force to be reckoned with.


Dharmesh Acharya


Dharmesh Acharya is the COO of Radixweb.

Driven by a sharp insight into how routine operations can escalate into project bottlenecks causing substantial failures, Mr Acharya ordains the comprehensive operational methodology for Radix. Besides guiding the day-to-day operations, he manages the infrastructure growth at Radix.

He continually applies his immense exposure to different industry verticals and technologies to implement governance standards, frame HR policies and apply Resource Scheduling Systems. A leader in its true sense, he has spearheaded the initiatives for Radix’s custom developed PHP frameworks.

A good listener and a go-to guy for all troubleshooting, Mr Acharya commands respect from his colleagues and is highly sought after by Radix’s core customer base. Presiding over all small and large matters concerning his expertise, Mr Acharya has played a pivotal role in hundreds of projects delivered by Radix over the years.

Work Culture

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