Engineering Services in a Nutshell

IOTization Product

IoT’ization of Product

Internet of Things transfers remote and analytical management of devices, both in common use as well for mission critical functions. For e.g. Product diagnostics, analysis and L1 fixes can be remotely managed in industry applications.

IOT Process

IoT’ization of Processes

Internet of Things as a Process Solution in production & operating environments can provide Realtime reporting and sensing, helping optimize operations, avoid losses, far superior quality of enterprise resource management.

Analytics of Things

Analytics of Things (AoT)

Deep technology implementation results in continuous data footprint generation in large data lakes, an assimilative self-learning and reporting analytics function within the scope of implementation can save up to 40% in OpEx.

Product Engineering

Autonomous Product Engineering

Convert your manually operating products into fully autonomous functioning products through the use of computation engineering, deep technologies and robotics. Gear up your products for contact less, autonomous future that’s now becoming a reality.

Process Engineering

Autonomous Process Engineering

Factories, Retail outlets and warehouses are becoming autonomous functioning smart facilities. Whilst allowing reduction in manpower and compliance issues, it also allows for continuous 24×7 operations with minimal human contact requirement.

Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation

Hyper Automation is a process of arriving at decisions rapidly by collecting accurate data on a Realtime basis, applied for any business process function. The key objective and value delivery is in its ability prevent or predict losses within an operation.

Vertical Focus on Engineering Services

Radix offers comprehensive engineering design services with multiple specialities working together to provide a seamless integration of major technical disciplines

Machine Design

Machine Design

Specific designs are delivered based on original concepts for assisting inventors, manufacturing tools for production programs and machines for special applications. This engagement is supported by a cross functional design team working across disciplines providing integrated design knowledge combining electrical, mechanical, electronic and process engineering capabilities required for the development of new concepts.

Product Design

Product Engineering

The manufacturing limitations determine the final design of the product as the tooling, machining, fitting and assembling of components define the efficiency of the manufacturing sequence. To this effect, a product design is rationalised with the knowledge of complex manufacturing and engineering processes delivering a highly optimised product design that improves the functional determinants within the manufacturing and servicing cycles.

Radixweb – One Stop Solution for Advanced Applied Engineering

  • Radix enables the client to generate all their engineering design requirements in one engagement without compromising their ability to specify the broad contours of their requirement and allow the design team to create the distributed technical coordination for efficient design.
  • The format of engagement includes all the primary design disciplines including mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil, structural and relevant specialisations in material science, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics and other scientific domains.
  • The services offered establishes a one stop solution for advanced applied engineering towards product design for manufacturing, machine design for special applications and plant engineering for establishing specialised industrial infrastructure.
  • We use various homegrown and partner software, including 3D platforms, workflows and electronic data management systems to offer the best solution to our customers.
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