Real-Estate Solution

Radix’s convoy of products renders a solution for the real-estate sector. Since the sector is a goldmine of activity, we have developed the solution to assist with enhanced segmentation, targeting and positioning of business.

Radix has developed a highly flexible platform that can be deployed as a classified solution that involves multiple agents as well as a standalone platform or an on-the-fly deployment for a single agent. The solution integrates an appraisal module to simplify the cumbersome task of valuation of properties. The solution is capable of further customization to include multiple language support and special package offerings.

The Radix real-estate solution poses an extremely user-friendly interface on the front-end. On the back-end the solution integrates a multiple listing service which promises a comprehensive database to deliver highly relevant search results. We have developed the solution to accommodate videos of the property besides images which again makes it an attractive platform. The solution further features a commissioning engine and a mass mailing tool to initiate mass mailing campaigns.

Radix has retained an interactive element in the solution that allows for exchange of information and negotiations. Assuming end-to-end responsibility, Radix shoulders the onus for SEO of the solution. Our SEO support ensures that you get high visibility and targeted traffic in a market known for its cut-throat competition.

Our solution corroborates us as an authority for real-estate sector with 360-degree understanding of the industry vertical.

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