Radix Releases Kites iPhone App

Radixweb, India’s premiere IT services provider, has released Kites – Soaring High, an iPhone application for kite enthusiasts. The application is available for download at http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/kites/id494812853?mt=8

Kites is an information sharing application from Radixweb that focuses on history of kites, their types, and their cultural importance. The application sheds light on ‘patang baazi’ – kite fighting of India and explains the two techniques popularly used for these kite fights. One can also find details for the most popular kite markets across the country in this app. This information is accompanied by a colorful image and video gallery.

And for the serious kite contenders, the application has info on kite flying competitions of international calibre held in different parts of the country. You can find information for Ahmedabad’s international kite festival, Jodhpur’s desert kite festival, Cambay’s beach side kite festival, and more. The application offers a sneak peek into Ahmedabad’s kite museum as well.

“Radixweb hails from Ahmedabad – the city known for its obsession with kites. So it was just a matter of time before we took kites to the app store”, admits Pratik Mistry, Sr Business Head, Radixweb.

The app is indeed one of its kind where it focuses on kites from business angle and highlights their affiliation with the cultural dynamics of a country. And this is not the only mobile app launched by Radix. In addition to Kites, Radix has released MatchMe memory game, online print store, SMS application, compliance tool, and iPhone GPS for the mobile platform. With 11+ years of industry experience, Radix has developed domain expertise in enterprise mobility, business & finance, social networks, education, m-commerce solutions, utility applications, etc. The company offers mobile application development services for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and Nokia phones.

To know more about Radix’s mobile application development services visit https://radixweb.com/mobile_application_development.php .