Radix Develops PersonalSMS Mobile App

Radixweb, an Ahmedabad-based IT services provider, has developed PersonalSMS – a mobile app for sending personalized SMS messages . The application will soon be released on the app store for public at large.

PersonalSMS is developed using PhoneGap framework. The mobile app allows users to send bulk SMS to all the contacts stored in their mobile device. A large number of mobile users sync their contacts with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc and create different contact groups. PersonalSMS allows such users to send SMS to individual contacts as well as groups available on the mobile device. The app offers predefined SMS templates to the user which can be customized as per requirement.

PersonalSMS also has a token system that allows users to insert important data into the message text effortlessly. The users can define tokens for parameters like First Name or Address and just insert these tokens in their message body. The user can also save their messages in Drafts for later review. There is also the scheduling feature which users can use to schedule and reschedule the delivery of their messages.

“Another highlight of PersonalSMS is SMS History which stores all the past messages sent by the user. The users can retrieve their old messages from here and send them again”, states Pratik Mistry, Sr Business Head, Radixweb .

SMS or short message service has witnessed tremendous success over the past few years. “We all know that SMS is a vital means of business communication in today’s wireless world. So we decided to leverage this communication tool in our application”, informs Dharmesh Acharya, COO, Radixweb . And what kind of reception Radix is expecting for the application from the market? “We are expecting this application to be a big hit. We know that PersonalSMS has great potential. So we know that it will be well received once it is released. We have our fingers crossed”, signs off Mr Acharya.