Radix Completes 11 Glorious Years of Successful IT Outsourcing

Celebrations knew no bounds when Radix completed 11 successful years in the IT outsourcing industry. The event was marked by fun, fireworks, flowers, and sweets accompanied by lots of smiles.

In an industry that is known for its ruthless competition, Radix’s success story seems almost like a fairytale. Given its industry standing today, it’s hard to believe that Radix had a very modest beginning with only a handful people. A decade ago when some industry veterans came together to explore the then nascent offshore development market, nobody had imagined that their endeavor, named Radixweb, would span across years. But Radix has not only survived different business cycles but has emerged as an institution in itself. “It has been quite a journey so far. When we started it was almost like a family unit working hard together to realize a dream. We had a vision that we wanted to make reality. And now after 11 years although we have grown in team size, we still work as a family unit”, says an ecstatic Dharmesh Acharya, COO, Radixweb .

Today, Radix presents an impressive portfolio of technology related services which includes PHP, DotNet, Ruby on Rails, Flex, and open source frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. They have further expanded into mobile application development with experts for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. “We have often been referred to as pioneers of embedded solutions and device drivers. But today on our 11th anniversary we pledge to take our system programming services to another level”, informs Nitin Vaishnav, CTO, Radixweb .

While it would be interesting to see what the future holds for Radixweb, for now it’s time for proud Radixians to revel in their hard earned success.