PHP / MySQL Development

Radix stands out tall and proud when it comes to developing high quality PHP, MySQL or PostgreSQL based web applications.

Our custom designed applications employ the highly celebrated LAMP combination – LINUX APACHE MYSQL PHP. Our team of developers is proficient with Zend Framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Seagull, Web Application Component Toolkit, PRADO, Zoop, and PHP on Trax. Our expertise further extends to customization of applications like Drupal, TYPO, Joomla, WordPress, Mambo, Oscommerce, ZenCard, Magento, Moodle, MediaWiki, Xoops, and TikiWiki.

Our dedicated team consists of highly experienced developers and coders who do not shy away from pushing the boundaries of traditional development conventions to come up with solutions that are reliable as well as scalable. We use the latest development of PEAR and Smarty to enhance the performance of our applications.

Whether it is an e-commerce system, online business application, collaborative networking systems, content management system or backend system for data management, our developers are spot on with their efforts.

Radix’s own framework for development ensures delivery of quality applications in an expedited and cost effective manner.

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