OnPrintShop received overwhelming response at the recently concluded PrintPack 2011 held at New Delhi, India.

Despite its debut appearance, OnPrintShop generated quite a buzz at PrintPack with its web to print capabilities. The solution’s stall saw a steady rush of printers who were fascinated by the solution’s automated prepress. Our onsite demo was highly appreciated by the visiting crowd which kept the activity rate high at the stall. Our team of business consultants fielded questions from the enthusiastic crowd and helped them trace the value of OnPrintShop’s web to print storefront in their business model.

Staying true to our promise, we also introduced our Denmark based clients to some Indian printers and helped them explore print outsourcing opportunities in India. Our European guests held across the table negotiations with their Indian counterparts as they assessed ways to leverage IT support for both buying and selling print products. Now post event, they are looking to take these initial negotiations forward and bring them to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

“Yes we did have a very exciting turnout at PrintPack. We are quite happy with the way Indian printers responded to this fairly new technology”, recalled Mr Dharmesh Acharya, COO, OnPrintShop-Radixweb. But was Indian printers their only target audience at PrintPack? “Not at all. We got to rub shoulders with some of our industry’s heavyweights. And now that the initial talks have commenced it’s just a matter of time before we shake hands with some reputed names”, responded an enthusiastic Acharya.

OnPrintShop could not have asked for a better stage than PrintPack to unveil web to print technology for Indian print industry. You can see some of our special PrintPack moments at

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