Print 13

Print 13

OnPrintShop web to print completed its third consecutive participation at Print 13 very successfully and on a positive note. More than 250 visitors, existing and new clients, visited us at our booth.

Summary of Print 13

  • 40% of our visitors were serious inquiries and we were on their list before making final decision.
  • Confirmed orders for standard subscription solution, designer studio integration, trade printer solution, and highly customized solutions.
  • Online Photobook Solution was show stopper as PSPs showed keen interest in complete online solution.
  • Our latest development of workflow automation to optimize operations was highly welcomed by SME printers to improve productivity without increasing operation cost.
  • Trade Printer Solution: We interacted with existing online trade printers who appreciated our solution and showed interest to outsource development to us.
  • We met with existing clients from Latin America, USA, Canada, Turkey, India, China, Taiwan, and Australia. They shared their success stories with other visitors and gave positive feedback for our service.
  • Our consultancy approach to understand client’s business and help them with online strategy along with honest approach and no hidden charges was highly appreciated.
  • Another key highlight was personalized support, store setup with product and content to go online quickly, and interactive training.
  • We were most preferred company for highly custom requirements with our existing clients referring us as reliable partners to deliver.

Meeting with Existing Clients

We met our clients Mr. David Mizrachi from Panama, Mr. Scott Siganto from Australia, and Mr. Marco Forte from Canada who shared their success stories with us and their new emerging needs from web2print. Mr. Marco acknowledged us as ‘one of the best solutions around for custom requirements with good support service’.

High Praise for Workflow Automation

Our workflow integration using CSV and XML standard was highly appreciated as we offer this automation without making any changes to their existing workflows. Our solution is a flexible way where workflow can either pull orders from our server or push orders via FTP into remote destination (hot folders).

Online Photobook Solution Was Show Stopper

Our Online Photobook Solution became show stopper with its ‘design anywhere anytime’ feature. Printers were excited that our solution did not need any software download or installation and their customers can create personalized photobooks using web browser. We are now discussing some very serious inquiries for it.

Launched Book Module & Wide Format Module

We launched two new modules – book module and wide format module at Print 13. This was a preliminary launch of these two modules and our team is now working to evolve them further.

New Support Approach

We introduced our new support approach at Print 13 where we now assign a dedicated sales manager, support executive, and technical assistant to each client. This will make support more personalized and effective for our clients.

Highly Custom Solutions

We were one of the most preferred companies for SME printers to provide highly custom solutions to match their unique business strategy. Our existing clients also referred to us as highly reliable partners to deliver on custom web2print requirements.

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