Graph Expo 2012

Graph Expo 2012

OnPrintShop had a very successful second appearance at Graph Expo 2012. Since the trade show was selected by US Department of Commerce as part of its International Buyer Program, the event had high profile attendees from Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

250+ visitors came to our booth for online print solution. This included printers, print consultants, print brokers, trade printers, and buyer delegations. Due to our personalized demo and solution consultancy we had one of the highest client closures at Graph Expo 2012. We also announced our latest partnerships with DataFont for Spain, Galaxy for Malaysia, and bLogik for Chile at Graph Expo.

Our consistent client oriented approach to understand their requirements, upgrade our solution, and offer support was highly appreciated by existing and new clients.

Find below key Graph Expo 2012 highlights:

  • Free Product & Content Setup Service:
    We are a unique company to provide product and content set up as part of our solution cost while other web2print solutions charge $1000 for setting up 5 products.
  • Web2Print Consultancy:
    SME clients recognized our free consultancy service that helps them understand online business strategies.
  • Customizations:
    We listen to our client’s needs and customize our solution so that they can offer their own unique business strategy to their end users.
  • Online VDP Solution:
    Our PDF/VT based VDP solution got nominated for MUST SEE at Graph Expo.
  • Online Photobook Solution:
    The beta version demo was highly applauded and we now expect overwhelming response to final release in January 2013.
  • Transparent & Professional Approach:
    We were also appreciated for our open communication and professional approach to say “No” if we cannot deliver.

Keep reading below for more details of our Graph Expo highlights.

Free Product & Content Setup Services

We understand the needs of SME clients and their challenges as they do not have big IT teams. So we offer free consultancy, free product and content setup, interactive two-phase solution training, and support to our clients.

Solution Training & Client Support

Our existing clients gave us good feedback on our support services and solution training. We personalize our training programs to match the business needs of our clients and conduct them at their convenient time. They appreciated the interactive approach of our consultants and training instructors.

Pay for What You Need Today

Our clients were happy that we do not pack all features in one solution and shove it down their throat. With us they can really choose to have only those features and add-ons that they need today and pay for them. Later when they feel the need they can add other features and pay for the same.

Migration from Subscription to License Solution

SME printers were thrilled to know about our flexi investment option. We allow them to start with our subscription solution and migrate to License. Then as they understand online business and need customization can go for License Solution.

Customizations at Affordable Price

Key to be successful online is to be able to offer your unique business strategy and not fit your business into online solution. Moreover, Online technology and end users behavior patterns are continuously changing. Our core strength is to understand our clients’ needs and customize solution to their requirements at very low cost. Interestingly, we closed 3 license solution orders at Graph Expo itself due to customizations that we offer.

Potential Partnerships

Large and reputed print companies have shown interest in promoting and offering our solution to their SME clients. In the coming days, we might announce a few partnership deals.

OnPrintShop will next participate in PRINTPACK 2013 – India’s premier trade event for Asian print industry. The event will be held from February 23-28, 2013 at Greater Noida, NCR Delhi.

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