Raw Radix Power Shined Out Strong At RxConfab’17

Raw Radix Power Shined Out Strong At RxConfab’17

Celebrating Glorious 17 Years of Smooth Sail in Unpredictably Course-Changing Waters of Mighty IT Innovation Industry is Worth a Roaring Toast

It was one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for the team at Radixweb, RXConFab 2017. As the eve of 21st July drew closer, the preparations for a successful stage-show went in full guns. Amidst the flurry of activities, adding finesse to performance practices and grass-root level management, the D-day arrived!

Dipped in the hue of golden shine, the effervescence of celebrating work anniversary had not turned complacent and the fire in the belly of everyone at Radixweb was clearly visible. On this highly significant day, we got in touch with their Captain of Operations, Dharmesh Acharya- to elaborate us with the “Power of Uniqueness” that they were rejoicing.

Q: Sir, first of all congratulations on achieving the milestone. Let us know in brief what Radixweb brings to the cluttered table of IT Innovators.

DA: Have you heard of Noah’s Ark? In times of great floods, it was the reliability of the ark that stood the test of time. We are in similar times right now; technology is changing at break-neck speed. Clients are looking for technology partners who provide them with the calmness and stability in turbulent times. When things change in a blink, it will surely be a weary and uncomfortable zone for most. We at Radixweb, don’t let disruption overtake your business, but help you “Be a Disruptor”-much well in time.

Q: You are celebrating Radixweb’s Uniqueness- If you had to tell us the most unique features that Radixweb as a technology partner offers to its clients.

DA: See, we are living in a world that is fully driven by Technology. With each sunrise, you are being more connected- but at the grass root level you are still a local living in a global world. Tapping this cultural sensitivity of your clients is important. With our extensive experience in working with who’s who of industries across various time-zones, “Imbibing Their Culture” is the prime art we have cultivated. It is like our Seventh Sense in business that is followed by astounding domain expertise and intense loyalty to what we are building. It has significantly helped us in having a powerhouse client base built on concrete partnerships. As a technology partner, we create or break paths for business owners. This is what makes Radixweb stand out!

Q: You spoke of changing times- how does that affect businesses that use technology solutions?

DA: You have to turn a chameleon to survive in these changing tech times. It is important to have backs of your clients and build a sanctuary for them so they can wander to greater successes without having to worry of being extinct. This is where our cultural sensitivity and rigorous mastery of our outsourcing craft comes in play.

Q: From now on, since you are 8Teen- what is the message for your clients and prospects?

DA: Yes, from tomorrow as we will be eighteen, one thing that doesn’t change at Radixweb is our Mojo. We will continue to excel in becoming a partner one can Trust and have greater grit of seeing the tech world with our innovative perspective. Till then, we have tonight- time to reminiscence, contemplate and move throttling ahead. Come, Join our party-wagon!

It was later that in his keynote speech, Acharya profusely thanked each and every Radixian to have been an inseparable part of the journey. He persisted that it is the inner power and outer efforts that add the golden icing on the cake of their smashing success. A concrete testimony to their success, loudest claps came out when he announced the plans of a plush facility to be built soon. The audience was filled with its clients, partners and 350+ employees who sew their dreams with the company. His speech was followed by cake-cutting, entertaining performances, lip-smacking delicacies and rocking dance on the floor. During the final hours towards calling it a day, one could find dreamy but not weary eyes in the hall!

And this was what perhaps heralds an amazing throbbing Eighteen for Radixweb!

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