Introducing Radixweb’s Modernized HRMS Solutions For Flawless Human Resource Management

Radixweb Presents Modernized HRMS Solutions

The HR professional’s conventional definition has been changed beyond “hire and fire” and payroll frameworks. The streamlined Human Resource Management system mostly works on innovative people management tools and techniques. The traditional HR was limited to administrative functions such as managing employees’ relations, solving their problems, and keeping the staff happy; however, this upgraded HR department has evolved to people’s management, which ultimately balances the relationship between managerial tops with employees.

The new-age employees see HR as a portal rather than a person. This transformation in the modern workplaces demands a transformation of HR professionals to explore opportunities and the potential pitfalls of HR technology. We have recognised enterprises that successfully shifted to sophisticated Human Resource Management System outperform that do not. This unprecedented change in HR is restricted to the following:

  • Mechanization of HR Processes
  • Providing Remote Access and Employee self-serve
  • Adopted Remote Processes to Regulate Tasks
  • Reducing Human Error
  • Protecting Against Deceit

Radixweb is a prominent HR management system development company, and we have always welcomed the change with ousting stereotypical hierarchy. This decentralization of power has transferred decision-making roles to the more actively involved people in the process to make day-to-day operations effortless. Additionally, organizations are distressed about employee participation to maintain in-office associations during the absence of in-person communication.

We have modernized HRMS solutions with futuristic upgrades that have ample capacity to unfold the HR system’s extensive capabilities.

Consolidated HR Systems for Technological Transformation

The integrating HR management system deals with collating each employee data, every flaw report, all employee’s capabilities and possibilities, leave policy and attendance and disbursement of funds under a common window. Conventionally, enterprises allocate HR tasks to third parties or worse around the office; however the futuristic HRMS solutions enable you to fix all operational flaws limiting your pockets.

HR process needs a revolutionary transformation to optimize human resource. A consolidated HRMS allows you to analyse and acknowledge your true capabilities as an enterprise and makes you future-proof for manpower management issue.

As a prominent facilitator of modern technological solutions across the globe, Radixweb has realized the necessity for a centralized employee management process and depicted functionalities that accesses the flaws in your process and spot the need of up skilling.

Correct Utilization Of Mobile – The Integral System to Beat the Curve

The use of mobile devices in business processes is the essential step to becoming more functional on-the-go. Smartphones empower employees to stay connected with their teams whenever needed and perform various tasks. The application helps manage leaves, working hours’ tracks, etc. that eliminates traditional tools such as spreadsheets. Radixweb, as a prominent mobile application development company, has developed robust workforce management tool plug.-ins for mobiles that provide easy learning, rating, troubleshooting, and feedback-taking abilities.

Our futuristic HRMS mobile-based solutions provide you quick sharing options with your peers that enhance the communication process in a virtual workplace. It encourages one-to-one interaction that ultimately embraces companionship through optimizing peer voices and feedback systems.

Key Performance Metrics – The New Game Changer

Scaling employee performance is all time difficult task in the companies. In the gone days, our standard operation process have redesigned KRAs and aligned them according to individual key strengths.

We focus increasingly on a set of unconventional employee performance metrics and adopted a growth-focused business across the world. And with this, we realized the need for a more defined metrics to scale employee performance. Here are few pointers that help us to keep tracks of manpower effectively:

  • Time Management: Managing tasks and meeting deadlines while working virtually is not easy to keep track. This management tool can help you organize their office hours and setting reminders for due dates on projects. They can set quantifiable objectives to track their performance.
  • Virtual Evaluation: It is essential to arrange online training sessions to rebuild employee skillsets and enhance productivity. We have realized the necessity of online assessment in virtual workplaces and compact training sessions for all the employees.
  • Employees’ Active Engagement: We have given a feedback window to all employees to evaluate their interests and stay more engaged with teammates. This initiative shall make them a part of the decision-making process.

People Analytics Tool: Making a Major Difference:

Many prominent business processes have recognized the value of leveraging employee data for excelling performance. Additionally, people analytic tools can make a significant difference for a business that relies on workforce behavioral skills for the remote workforce. Radixweb has developed integrated data analytics into HRMS solution to maintain leaves, attendance logs and measure the scope for the employees’ personal growth. It further guides them to acquire new capabilities that fit their profession.

Technological advancements like IoT, SMAC (Social Media, Mobile Analytics and Cloud), and Big Data integrations play essential roles in real-time HR professionals’ management. The futuristic HR suit might be at a place where they are expected to pre-calculate employee turnover rate, and accordingly, hiring decisions are to be taken. These advanced features are only designed to make HR suit a capable system for human resources management


Business goals and employees’ personal growth should sync together in the company processes. The modern HRMS has come into the picture to fix common goals and optimize both wheels’ productivity. Radixweb has integrated a new HRMS solution to excel the employees’ performance and meet the need of time and technology. Thus, we give a healthier employee experience with our modernized recruiting, retention, and performance management.

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