Adding the Magic of “In-Person” to IT Outsourcing for USA Clientele

Adding The Magic Of “In-Person” To IT Outsourcing For USA Clientele

Radixweb on the Road to Create Milestones for a Speed-Breaker Free Ride in Outsourcing in 20 Cities of USA for 31 Days

We live in times where getting “wonder lost” in the mesh of highways of IT Outsourcing and Software Development is easy. Whereas, finding the right path to your tech jackpot is equally difficult. It is no secret that businesses are leveraging technology to the full. Well, across the globe, the expenditure in IT is rising- and so are its challenges. According to an estimate by Gartner, in 2017 IT spending will be higher by 1.4% compared as to last year.

While the world is getting relatively a smaller place with technology by its side- but it is still difficult to overlook cultural sensitivity and time zone differences between geographically diverged partners. Eventually, businesses face the brunt of distant lack of a ‘humanized touch’ between partners- that leads to unclear communication, missed deadlines and failed projects. Do we have a secret ingredient to meet these challenges? A unanimous Yes!

For us, at Radixweb- staying in touch with clientele is as important as ‘Innovation’. In this highly competitive IT Outsourcing world, being a genius is to identify the need and ‘go beyond’ of distant calls and meetings. Pouring our relentless experience in crafting customized software solutions for a wide range of industries- we are on our Annual Business Tour of USA for the next 31 days set to cover our range of clients and partners across its 20 cities. While on the wheels, Radixweb is determined to soothe the pain of partners with clear understanding of business vision, cultural behavior and sharing the time zones.

Seeing the same sunrise as our clientele helps us to diagnose the unspoken and unfelt pain areas in their businesses that can be overcome with the miraculous potion of our ‘technology expertise’. It is all about transforming “requirement analysis” into valuable products and solutions to meet dynamic business needs.

In the driving seat, Dharmesh Acharya, COO-Radixweb says, “With us, Innovation is a complete package. We partner to make a difference to our clients’ business across levels. When you meet them in person, it leads to better insights of their vision and needs. As it throws more light on the problem statements, it becomes easy for us to become a value-enabler for businesses”. Trends across the globe signify a huge rush towards enterprises going mobile, hopping on to the cloud and automating their legacy systems with modernized solutions.

“To sail through the rough seas, a strong sail built with clients’ needs and our solutions do navigate well,” says Maitray Gadhavi, Sr. BDM at Radixweb.

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Value-worthy business conversations, cool business collaboration along with a warm cup of coffee open new doors to significant partnerships that are made to last.

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