Radixweb Celebrates 18 Years of Infinitude While Radiating Tech Intelligence

Radixweb Celebrates 18 Years Of Infinitude While Radiating Tech Intelligence

Tis time to tip our hats and raise a toast to our eclectic journey of 18 years in technology business of showcasing infinitude and radiating tech intelligence. Since the time we started, way back in 2000’s, Radixweb has consistently shown the mettle to relinquish most complex challenges simple using our technology wit and wisdom.

Fueled by the hunger to transform the way- the world sees IT Outsourcing and Software Development, Radixweb has significantly emerged as a highly trusted innovator. With the technology landscape changing with a blink of the eye, Radixweb eyes down the challenges to help global businesses just stay top-notch. Our journey has been about relishing the boundless capabilities and technology grit that lends us our- Infinitude.

Just as the mist wraps the monsoons in this time of the year, Radixians are wrapped in the euphoria of the Anniversary Celebrations – RxConfab2018. Causing an aura of lightening display of talents (and hidden talents :D) the stage is being set for the Biggest Radixweb Show!

Raw Radixweb Power Thrills… With Chilled Infinitude on the Rocks

Showcasing our might, grit and gutsy outlook – Radixweb has come a long way with our incredible base of customers, partners and teams.

Supercharging the Memory Lane with Funtitude

365 sunrises and infinite reasons to choose smiles and joy as a way to balance work and life. Get a glance of our happy smiles, roaring giggles and moments that had our hearts out.

With this neon-y event tapping its toes on the doorstep, our HR teams turned efficient event planners are in the final phase to plan a power packed day. Each Radixian is gearing up to shine on the D-Day with the best in wardrobe party shoes, perfect moves and new selfie poses.

Well, the excited butterflies already ruling our hearts- we will keep you posted with photos, check-ins and live videos- Straight from the Show!

About Radixweb

Founded in 2000, Radixweb is a trusted partner of choice for crafting custom software development and software outsourcing services for world’s leading organizations. Combining deep domain expertise, unmatched experience and specialized skills, it serves across 25 countries to over 2900+ SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Achieving trust through outsourcing, Radixweb enables rapid response to changing market and technology needs. For more information, visit https://radixweb.com/

Contact Person:
Pratik Mistry
Senior Business Head

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