Print Industry Goes Green with OnPrintShop

Print Industry Goes Green With OnPrintShop

OnPrintShop, a web to print storefront launched by Radixweb, is all set to turn the printing industry eco-friendly. The solution is geared up to introduce ‘green printing’ to the world.

Environmental issues have hit our generation pretty hard. We are being plagued by a number of ecological concerns. Global warming and diminishing forest covers are just a few of them. Businesses worldwide have taken note of this and have undertaken various campaigns as part of their corporate social responsibility. Radixweb’s OnPrintShop is a valiant attempt towards making printing an environment friendly activity.

Printing industry witnesses a huge wastage of paper in the process of color setting. OnPrintShop, being a prepress process, delivers a print ready PDF file which reduces the wastage of paper and results in savings for the print house. “With OnPrintShop, all the document corrections and color adjustments are done in a web browser which then generates digital output. This practice alone can generate savings of about 3 times in paper”, affirms Ravindran VC, Head of Global Business Development, Radixweb. Since the final output is digital in nature it can be transmitted over the internet and helps you save paper in fax or post.

OnPrintShop also allows the customers to print only the quantity needed in stationary or marketing collateral, thus saving in unwanted printing. The ease of reordering grants customers the option of getting things reprinted if required. “With OnPrintShop you get the facility of reordering easily. So, you don’t need to have material preprinted in large quantities. You can always come back and reorder and save on paper”, informs Mr Ravindran.

It is quite an effort to turn the printing activity into an eco-friendly activity. “We have always known printing to be a paper heavy activity. The concept of green printing can seem to be kind of a paradox. But with OnPrintShop it has been turned around now”, asserts Dharmesh Acharya, Chief Executive Officer, Radixweb.

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