OnPrintShop Completes Third Consecutive Participation at Print 13 Successfully

OnPrintShop Completes Third Consecutive Participation At Print 13 Successfully

OnPrintShop web to print completed its third consecutive participation at Print 13 very successfully and a positive note. We showcased our newly launched products at the event and met our existing customers and reseller partners as part of relationship building.

“One of the key themes at Print 13 was automation and taking processes online. This has also been our focus as we presented our online photobook solution – design anywhere anytime and XML/CSV based workflow automation. We also launched our book module and wide format solution at Print 13”, states Dharmesh Acharya, COO, OnPrintShop-Radixweb.

OnPrintShop was one stop solution provider for web2print needs of SME printers at Print 13. We presented our wide range of solutions that are recognized as highly user friendly by clients and reseller partners. Our newly launched online photobook solution for design anywhere and anytime and workflow automation using XML/CSV received very positive response.

Key OnPrintShop Highlights at Print 13

  • We had 250+ visitors at our booth which included existing and new clients Latin America, USA, Canada, South East Asia, & Australia.
  • Online photobook solution and workflow automation using XML/CSV got very positive response.
  • Existing clients from Australia, Panama, South America, US, and Canada region visited us and shared their success story with other clients. They appreciated our young team, personalized support, and wide range of solutions.
  • “One of the best solutions around for custom requirements with good support service” – appreciation from Marco Forte, our Canada based client.
  • We initiated exploring reseller opportunities with large print machine manufacturers.
  • Booked multiple orders for license and subscription solution.

“It was a pleasure to meet our clients Mr. Scott Siganto from Australia, Mr. David Mizrachi from Panama and Mr. Marco Forte from Canada. They shared their success stories with our new clients and shared some valuable inputs with our team about new emerging needs of print industry”, states Mr. Naresh Bordia, VP Business Development, OnPrintShop-Radixweb.

The OnPrintShop team was also highly appreciated for its wide range of solutions & customizations as many PSPs today are looking for custom web2print to match their unique business strategy. We offer wide range of customizations and integrations to our web2print clients. Our new clients were also very happy with our client oriented approach where we understood their challenges and helped them with product and content setup for their front store. They were also happy about our web2print consultancy.

To know more about OnPrintShop visit us at www.onprintshop.com.

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