OnPrintShop Arranges Interactive Session on Opportunities for Indian Printers in European Market by Mr. Morten Reitoft, Print Provider

OnPrintShop Arranges Interactive Session

OnPrintShop web to print storefront has arranged an interactive session by Mr. Morten Reitoft, Print Provider, to explore direct and indirect export opportunities in European market. The session details are as follows:

Session Topic: Export Opportunities for Indian Printers in European Market

Speaker: Morten Bech Reitoft from Print Provider – Denmark

Venue: Stall H-15/12 PRINTPACK

Date & Time: 23rd Feb 2013 at 2 pm & 24th Feb 2013 at 12 pm

The session will focus on: key reasons behind print outsourcing, what services are needed, how an Indian printer take advantage, IT and printing technologies needed for fulfilling global orders, future trends in print outsourcing.

Interested printers can book their place by mailing us at
or calling us on 079-32403371. You can also book personal meeting with Mr. Morten for detailed discussion at http://www.onprintshop.com/printpack.

Print Provider offers a match between customers and vendors all over the world. Some of their customers source print abroad to take advantage of the prices offered by different markets. Price is definitely an important part of such sourcing. But in addition to price, diversity of different products and services are of great interest to their customers. Print Provider also provides print services to customers who operate worldwide.

“If an American company runs campaigns worldwide today it does not make sense to print all at one place and then distribute. Today jobs are printed and distributed locally. Operating this way gives customers significant advantages like lower prices, faster turnaround time, better environment, and lower shipping cost”, states Morten Reitoft from Print Provider.

Print Provider offers all the benchmarks and services and makes sure that issues like language, culture, paper, prices, and quality are synchronized to the benefit of both customer and vendor.

OnPrintShop is a customizable web2print solution from Radix and has evolved over 7+ years of experience. They work closely with their 400+ global print service providers (PSPs). They have identified that international PSPs are looking to outsource jobs to India.

“Indian printers have the cost advantage and diversity in products and services that global PSPs and their customers are looking for. Now they need the right combination of IT and print technology to gain edge”, states Naresh Bordia, VP Business Development, OnPrintShop – Radixweb.

Print Provider is building – together with OnPrintShop-Radixweb – an amazing purchasing and planning platform that enables professional buyers to select the right partner for the right job. At PRINTPACK Mr. Morten will share their vision. He will explain the complexity of sourcing print. He will deliver precise information about the market, the buyers and what they need.

More about OnPrintShop at www.onprintshop.com.

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