Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation
Radixweb - 21 Years of Continuous Innovation

Customized eCommerce Mobile Solution using Flutter

Highly customizable, technologically advanced, and feature-rich e-commerce mobile app solution to create a B2C online shopping experience

organic eateries
  • Easily compatible with Magento, WordPress, Opencart, Shopify, Strapi as an eCommerce backend solution
  • Easy and secure checkout process via multi-payment gateway integrations such as: PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Telr, and web-based payments
  • Dark and Light theme supported, RTL supported, Multi-language, multi-currency
  • Customizable drawers, buttons, and other essentials in-app pages. Customization can be done as per business requirements


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Business Model

Fixed Cost

Technology Used

  • For front-end: Flutter. Other languages: Dart
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • NodeJS
  • PHP

Our Approach

Team at Radixweb collaborated with the client to understand the client’s eCommerce mobile app concept to develop an easy-to-use iOS and Android app. We held an outlining session with the client’s team to better understand their dream app and essential mobile app features. Throughout this session, clients worked closely with Radixweb to produce wireframes that could be utilized for mobile app flow.

After gathering all the requirements, we decided to build the front-end with Flutter. As Flutter has a rich user interface and modules, it was the most effective technology to get a head-start.

  • Our skilled Flutter app developers created a feature-rich online shopping app for food products and kitchen equipment.
  • This application offers consumers a wide range of unique and high-quality products for high-end restaurants.
  • It aims to provide an enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers and provides the best offers and deals to satisfy customers’ needs.
  • The eCommerce mobile application developed with Flutter was able to give real-time updates of dashboards, drawers, and product categories.
  • Easy manageability with scalable multi-tenant architecture. So in case, the traffic increased on app, the client can quickly scale the loads.
  • The custom eCommerce mobile application also had the potential to change the app interface design. As the designs were dynamic, the admin can easily modify them as per needs.

What Radixweb Proposed?

Mobile App For Shopping Business to smoothen the entire process of lead generation - through the integration of mobile technologies having the below features:

Mobile App Functionalities

  • Customize dynamic multiple dashboard and drawer. It can be configurable with firebase.
  • The application has Dynamic Theming like Dark and Light themes.
  • The application has Social login for users like Apple, Google, and Facebook.
  • The application has a product variant with sub-products.
  • Option of adding Pdf Attachments in particular products.
  • Provide secure multiple payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Telr Check out process is easy and secure.
  • The Flutter app we developed also provides multiple addresses adding functionality.
  • This application has order tracking functionality, and we are showing the process of our product delivery.
  • The application also provides order notes for users.
  • Push Notification shows when users of any product add to the cart.
  • The application has wishlist functionality to show the user’s favorite products that he/she added for future purchase.
  • Push Notifications when the item is back in stock. Users can even manually set a reminder for this function.

The Mobile App Manager

  • Simple to use web app that allows the admin to change the dashboard, set conditional dashboard (based on date duration), and other multiple dashboard configurations.
  • Quickly add new offers, marketing banners, and redirect to relevant pages of the application.
  • Customized drawer and other essential app pages. Customization can be created as per the needs of the end client.
  • Any changes made can be published for end mobile users in a matter of seconds.

Multilingual Support

  • The Flutter mobile application supported Multiple Languages and RTL.
  • All the information was displayed in its user-selected language.

Backend Solution

  • The application support e-commerce backends like Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify
  • Firebase: Crashlytics, Firebase Remote Config, Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Google Cloud Platform

What Client Achieved?

Business Goal Accomplished

Client was now getting more orders than before—the time to market their kitchen and food items reduced with the help of Flutter mobile app development. The core goal of expanding their business was now accomplished with the eCommerce mobile solution.

Less Wastage of Inventory

Being in the foods and beverages business, it’s necessary to ensure that waste or expiry of edible items are maintained. With a better view and in-app analytics, the client could now monitor and determine what their customer is purchasing more.

Secured Payments

Radixweb’s team integrated the payment gateways with mobile applications helped them to receive the payment seamlessly and securely. We also created a dashboard for the payment status of their customers. Also automated the few operations regarding the payment receiving and sending.

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