Device Driver Integration

Developed central monitoring system programming in VC++ and did Device Driver Integration


Central Monitoring System

As of now computer ethics has not been implemented therefore it is getting very hard to protect data from the piracy concern. The best way of protecting business from the threat of Employee theft and provide critical information in the event of robbery or litigation is to have the incident recorded with a Digitally Monitoring System.

The Problem

Alarm System was to require catering large solution of security & intrusion through various devices attached with it. It should serve as central monitoring system and all the attached sensors should be controlled from this system.

  • Project was challenging is abstract for the concerned challenges we faced in this conversion
  • Inter process communications
  • Memory Management with shared memory
  • Image filter (conversion of one image format to WMF (Windows Meta File)
  • RS232 Communication
  • Compression / Decompression library for backup & restore of Application Data
  • PC speakers Interface for Alarm sound
  • Printing of reports
  • Dongle Interface
  • The Solution

With this Central Monitoring System, the Control Panel will be capable to correspond with the server. The Device Driver Integration software installed in the PC at the central location will be capable of emailing key persons and getting the system's status. This is very useful for this solution. Besides the features, our central monitoring system can present a suitable security guideline for the specific requirement.

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