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Transformed existing CMS website for construction industry into an elegant and highly visual-rich form to ensure maximum sustainable growth and increase brand visibility

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  • An all-encompassing fully integrated CMS solution built to meet specific needs of construction industry
  • Managing administrative side of construction with latest technology attitude to help companies to increase business focus
  • Integrating all aspects of the industry to work as a backbone to help customers and end-users
  • Impeccably designed feature-rich website to align to business goals while adhering to sustainable growth in times of constantly changing technologies


Client Location




Business Model

Dedicated Resource

Technology Used

Delivering the CMS solution

Radixweb has implemented numerous complex and challenging internal and external management portals along with feature-rich web interfaces for recruiters and administrators.

Product Features

A simple static website holding unusual features like project search, safety training sessions and quiz section was prepared with superlative project management skills, intelligent efforts and smart approach to meet the market-needs.

Highly Customized Modules

Advanced features specially coded for the system are safety training quiz in which an audio player is integrated to stay in sync with the visuals. At the end of the training session, a quiz is set to reach the next level. Also, career listing from a different site using iFrame and project search facility based on service and market.


To build a loyal customer base and enhance brand engagement by publishing intuitive content like blogs and industry specific news on the custom CMS website with SEO-rich features.

Better UI/UX

Provided a better user interface and user experience for engaging wide number of target audience. It helped the client in a more structured way to showcase their brand in an intuitive manner.

The outcome of our CMS solution

Our team of experts at Radixweb diligently worked relentlessly to design the Custom CMS solutions requirements and reach the ultimate goal of the client. The team met the company’s standards for smooth, continuous and dependable communication with the client regardless of time and date. It was concluded by an effective use of the system that imparts information to drive more customer traffic to the CMS website. The client is duly aided in the below mentioned ways:

Ease of Setup and Configuration

  • Admin can easily manage the content and make any modifications in the configuration
  • Technical proficiency is not much required to operate
  • Secure and compatible with latest technologies and industry best practices
  • Astounding functionalities for the system administrator to make relevant changes to the content; add markets, services and update safety training module for quiz

High Productivity

  • Increased productivity with an interactive user experience that includes highly creative graphics
  • Easy access to various projects from different markets helps clients to review the company’s portfolio- that helps to build trust and higher productivity

Improved business ROI

  • Save operational costs by automating most of the manual processes like publicizing past works, job listing, etc.
  • Earning high volume of profit by spreading awareness for construction related information for numerous domains
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