Board Support Package Development

Board Support Package (BSP) development is another feather in Radix’s multifarious technology cap.

Radix develops BSPs to reflect the CPU and peripherals of the generic OS interfaces in OS porting. Our BSPs are coded to initialize memory management unit and timer hardware as required by the OS. Besides initializing the Interrupt Service Routines our BSPs also enable the power management system. Radix BSPs further provide the initialization support to custom written device drivers. Our BSPs account for the architecture specific constraints and are designed to offer ease of porting the device drivers to a different platform. Our highly groomed developers conceive and design a BSP to be compatible with a host of configurations.

Our BSPs are developed to provide complete functionality that can enable interface between different system components. Complementing our specialization with disparate operating systems, our BSPs are compatible with Windows, UNIX, Linux, Windows mobile platforms, Symbian and Embedded Linux platforms and architectures like ARM.

Radix ensures that our BSPs feature code of highest standards and adhere to strong integrity guidelines.

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