Do you think Software Testing is a lousy expense? Here’s a myth buster

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Left in the cold – the bug took the phrase a bit too seriously!

Imagine waking up in a tooth chattering house in one of the coldest weekends of the year.

Users of the Google-owned smart thermostat Nest faced this uncanny problem in January of 2016, where the devices lost their capabilities to control temperature – all because of a software update in December 2015. How unsmart!

If Google can make this mistake, so can any software firm! The internet is filled with stories on software failures that led to catastrophes – read an enraged customer base and state-of-sorry market reviews. Backtrack each incident, and it will lead you to one common mistake – inadequate software testing and software maintenance. The success of the digital industry largely depends on testing and quality assurance of software solutions.

Writing codes is a human task, and developers may, at times, miss an important line of code or a character – and that may go unnoticed through the lifecycle of development. A rigorous testing phase ensures that the final code has no design and functionality errors. Software testing is of prime requisite to identify issues before they surface in a critical environment.

User Satisfaction is the Key to Drive ROI

A firm like Google received enough flaks on social media after the mentioned thermostat failure incident. Only if they had tested their update before rolling it out in the market! Besides, the firm took a couple of weeks to sort the Nest issue, costing them their reputation and a solid customer base.

The end user’s verdict is ultimate for any business. And to win over their trust and loyalty, one has to deliver an unmatched user experience. A software product with too many glitches will eventually drive a user to look for more accessible alternatives. This is precisely where performance engineering comes to play. When plugged in at the early stages of software development life cycle, it will screen for potential bottlenecks and leave a scope for integrating feedback right through the development stages.

Word of mouth goes a big way for enterprises! A satisfied customer will bring back a string of potential others as loyalty to the brand.

Uncompromised Product Quality is a testament for your work ethics

Efforts show. And for a business to carve a niche for itself in a highly competitive market, a perfect solution needs to be rolled out. The performance of your software can essentially make or break your reputation in the market.

Software with destructive hidden features will only drive away your stock of potential customers. A thoroughly tested product with an on-point critical response is an unsaid proof that you hold your customer’s needs and time in the highest regards. So, if you want to build a name as a flawless service provider, opting for extensive software testing services is your key to future-proof business.

Till 2026, CAGR of the software testing market is expected to grow at 6%, which was 40 billion dollars in 2019.Click To Tweet

Access Software Adaptability to place your claim

You might be having expansive marketing plans for your product or service at the launch stage, but it’s crucial to be sure of its workability first. Deterring from the actual performance capability in your marketing efforts can be horrendous to your reputation.

Check for your software’s compatibility across devices, operating systems, and browsers. Leverage the power of software reengineering services if need be to make your service more responsive and compatible. Designing a solution for a specific browser, device, or operating system will chip away a considerable chunk of your customer base.

Learning about software testing

Address nagging security concerns

Security threats like data breaches, susceptibility to malware attacks, fraudulent dealings are the most sensitive of issues. Peek into a user’s psychology, and you will know that it takes a lot of confidence for them to provide you’re their personal or banking details. Your system should not betray their trust by one spec.

Handling compliance issues can be overwhelming for enterprises. But the right software testing company can help you plug-in all necessary compliances and regulations. Integrating these development protocols while crafting your product will give you a time-tested solution. Invest in quality build and thorough software testing services to deliver a highly secure product.

Testing isn’t building from the scratch

Many of us live with the misconception that software testing would lead to building from the ground-up. In reality, however, it’s a parallel process. Integration software testing in the development phase ensures that you don’t have to deal with a failure in the deployment stage.Rebuilding software after the development is complete costs you both time and money.

Your software development project should have milestone plans. Once you automate testing after each milestone is achieved, you can be sure of delivering an uncompromised product quality.

As per reports, the market size of software testing services will likely to grow by USD 34.49 billion during 2020-2024Click To Tweet

Testing is not an overhead expense; it saves you from one

If you think software and QA testing is a waste of money and resources, you cannot be making a more significant development mistake. One of the essential benefits of software testing is that it makes the development process cost-effective and optimizes resource management.

Your app may have numerous hidden features that prevent users from registering themselves or their financial details. If these bugs surface in the post-deployment phase, then you will instantly lose a converted customer. Additionally, you will need to rebuild the solution, which will be a separate set of expenses.

Even best-in-class practices and high build quality may have bug issues. It’s normal. But not addressing a minor bug can prove to be too costly for your business. A robust software testing and QA service will integrate smart performance tracking tools for your software development process to identify and tackle unforeseen glitches.

Your ideal pick for expert software testing service should include software maintenance facilities like having backup strategies and quick implementation of effective risk mitigation, superfast troubleshooting, and round-the-clock support from QA testers to ease your development process.

Don’t shy away from testing; perceive it as a ‘check and balance’ to the development process and reap the rewards of flawless deployment. Continual testing effectively handles all development woes. Get in touch with our testing and QA experts today.

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