Why DNN CMS for Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites

Why DNN CMS For Responsive And Mobile Friendly Websites

Are you seeking to take the verge over the net? In order to keep pace in this competitive market whether it’s business or personal website, you must come with the modern website expectations, and the biggest need in today’s market for the website is they are optimized for mobile use. Still in a myth that your website which can be viewed on mobile is mobile-friendly? Then you are incorrect. Because the website which can be viewed on mobile may lack many features.

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Why Mobile Friendly and Responsive e-Commerce Websites?

At present, there are millions of online shopping portals available on the net. So it is vital among e-commerce owner that they need to offer something special to customers by which they can survive in the market & be the trusted brand among all. If you’re the shopping cart owner then it’s your prime responsibility to keep an eye on the development features – so that you can give the comfort experience to your potential buyers and attract them to visit again. Nowadays customers not only want to access information from their mobile device but also want to do so as quickly as possible. In case, they are not able to do so, they are likely to look elsewhere, which will be your competitor.

For 2016, the number of smartphone users in the world is forecasted to reach 2.08 billion.- Statista

Why Choose DNN CMS?

DotNetNuke or DNN helps you build and maintain content-rich websites that can be accessed from any device. DNN CMS Development is the most widely adopted CMS for Microsoft.NET and the largest and most successful open source project for the Microsoft ecosystem. It has been downloaded by over 7 million users and being used worldwide.

With the inclusion of rich- features you can deliver consistent and tailored online experience to your e-commerce website visitors with DNN CMS. It is the perfect tool for developing and maintaining rich, user-friendly, responsive and modern mobile website.

DNN is used worldwide and over 7 million users have downloaded it. – DNNSoftware

Top 9 Reasons DNN CMS Development Should be your Choice for Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites

Many times it is asked why DNN is considered to be a very good CMS and what it can provide which other such CMS’s cannot. There are many features which make it stand out and has made it world’s leading CMS for businesses. Here we list the top features that prove DNN CMS is the best suit for your modern website needs.

Nine Reasons Why DNN is The Best CMS for Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites

1. Simple Content Management

There is no need to learn any programming language to make use of DotNetNuke. Users can create, manage and publish content on the web without any technical knowledge. It provides a rich text editor having many options to come up with great content. It does not matter whether you are a team of one or of many.

2. Up to the Mark Features

It provides the most advanced capabilities which are much better than applications developed in-house. Along with that, this features continue to evolve which saves your time spent in development. It includes user management, advertisement management and supports many languages to help you manage your website.

3. Highly Secure

It provides round the clock security with each user group being provided its own permissions. This security feature is built-in as compared to other CMSs which may need a third party application which may not be robust. This makes DNN one of the most reliable CMS in the market.

4. Provides flexibility

As it is based on ASP.NET, it is extremely flexible as it provides pre-made modules as well as custom modules. It can easily be integrated with business applications which are in Microsoft stack of Dynamics like GP, CRM, etc. It provides page editors complete flexibility to design pages and manage their content with ease.


5. Mobile Responsive

DNN is known for its feature rich functionalities which help you deliver consistent brand experience online on any device. You can easily design your mobile friendly websites with a creative bunch of mobile templates. With the use of mobile previewer, you can do all experiment before going live. For the optimal viewing experience, DNN Evoq content automatically discovers the specific features from thousands of mobile devices and tailors the content accordingly.

6. Load Time

All your website visitors will have no hassles in accessing your website as DNNs efficient code base ensures that websites run quickly. This helps you in getting more visitors to your website and increases the probability of business, in the case of commercial websites.

7. Network Support

The DNN corporation offers central technical support and as DNN is open source, it is supported by many partners all over the world. There is a large community of developers supporting applications of DotNetNuke. It gets a dedicated network of support from various blogs, online forums, online help.

8. Tried and Tested

DNN has been around for many years now and used for more than 700,000 websites which include those of major companies and organizations. It is always under development so that it keeps getting better and adapts to new requirements. It is now considered to be a good strategic investment as it is now well established and proven.

9. Low Cost

DNN Community Edition offers enough functionalities at no or an extremely low cost for most websites. However, for advanced options or the customization as per your unique needs, you require the development partner like us who can help you expand the platform or you can also opt for professional edition (Evoq) if it has those features you looking for and the cost is also aligned.

DotNetNuke or DNN has over 1 million community members worldwide. – DNNSoftware

Radixweb DotNetNuke E-Commerce Development Services

Radixweb offers a wide range of DNN CMS development services, leveraging its deep expertise in developing Custom and Mobile & SEO-friendly DNN websites/web portals.

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  • DNN eCommerce Migration & Update
  • Bespoke eCommerce Development
  • Module Development
  • Support & Maintenance

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