Web to Print : Lot More Than You Think

Web To Print : Lot More Than You Think

HP’s head Robert Stabler said that companies going in to Web-to-print have to have a detailed plan: “You have to define what your roadmap is going to be,” he said. “You can get a lot of scope creep unless you are clear about what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.”

According to recent research nearly one-quarter of printing and prepress firms have the ability to offer Web to Print. This doesn’t mean they are actively spreading this application; it is a simple meaning that they have purchased this application. This number is indistinguishable to the percentage who gave this answer six months ago and is down 2 percent from one year earlier. Therefore, it is seen that web to print reached a remarkable level of insight one and half year ago.

Most importantly the market of web-to-print services is being gradually ignored by the printing industry. Many printing companies have sat back and observed the coming and going of solutions providers within this market over the past few years and have naturally been groping. They are even asking the right questions as in, does the web2print provider have a capable of being sustained business model? Are they independent or owned by another printer/competitor?
Custom Designed Web to Print Technology
Although there are many different types of web to print technologies. But if you look for increasing sales or profitability then find the right technology which can design a custom web to print application for you. Every time a custom web2print application gets scoped out for you or your customers. You have to see whether your customized w2p technology can cover online proofing, ordering technologies, design online technologies, shopping cart and anything else.
You have to think of empowering your employees and customers to transact online. More and more customers shop online and printed products. Customized solutions will enable your stuff and resellers and customers to be on a same page, the page that gets printed perfectly every time. If you are truly wishful to see your work in print, and are enthusiastic to get a huge monetary return on your initial investment then you are the perfect candidate for this revolutionary web to print technology

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