Comprehensive and Uncovered 2018 Trends about Web Development

Comprehensive And Uncovered 2018 Trends About Web Development

Howdy! Don’t panic out on 2018. As we are heading towards a new year from 2017, we would look forward to mold as per the upcoming trends of digital web development. The industry is constantly improving and new updates are introduced to enhance the user experience.

Read on further, as we discuss the web development trends that will rule 2018.

Don’t be A Mediocre ~ Stay ahead

1. Single-Page Websites

The single-page website trend found its way in this year. With a single page website, you can capture your target users straight off, without making them unnecessarily shuffle between the pages of your website. These days, one-page websites are becoming the “In” thing for stylish and trendy web designs.

With one long webpage, navigation is based on scrolling or using links that jump up or down the page to that particular section. The most prominent advantage of this type of website is simplicity and sophisticated navigation or deep menu to traverse.

It works seamlessly on mobile devices with smooth buttery standard navigation and scrolling method. This style provides a modern solution to simple online needs and is effective to develop too.

2. WordPress 4.9

WordPress Version 4.9, named “Tipton” is launched in honor of jazz musician and band leader Billy Tipton. It is available for download & update on your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.9 will smooth your design workflow and keep you safe from coding errors.( This latest version of WordPress will bring forth the era of code editing, plugins and themes management and a user-friendly way to customize a website.

3. PHP 7 & Above

Evolving through 7 stages in the lifetime of 21 years, PHP still retains its position as one of the most server-side languages in use. WordPress that powers over the internet uses the PHP server-side programming language. PHP server-side programming language was used by 83.1% of the websites.

A code created in PHP will let a developer integrate the platform across a wide range of platforms. It is flexible, scalable, multiple extensions and add-ons, embeddable and provides various frameworks. Also, it supports both Database Management Systems and Open Source Databases.

4. User Behavior Tracking

Anything and everything related to your customer’s behavior on your digital assets is traceable with the use of many smart tools. This data helps to gain insights about how different users react to various sections of your website. Gradually, the more we know about our users, the easier it gets to strategize bag engagement in the bounty. The most popularly used tool to track user behavior is our classic favorite Google Analytics tool amongst various others. User data with Google Analytics are captured using registered IDs, first-party cookies and SDK for mobile apps.

With an auxiliary instrumentation, you can gain an even more vibrant understanding of how people interplay with individual app screen or webpages in the year to come.

Make them Envy ~ Get Trendy

5. Chatbots

Conversational technology is set to exceed expectations and deliver beyond boundaries. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence is actually the chat interface that interacts with you in a personalized human manner while you are browsing websites.

Chatbots understand commands, recognizes language and it gets smarter after having in-depth conversations with people. 83% millennials open texts within 90 seconds of people with texting capabilities are millennials and they are speculative to have a positive perception who offers text capability. Businesses will need to incline towards conversational technology to outsmart competition.

6. Minimalist Design

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Source: French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Minimalism is an art of using the barest minimum of the mandatory elements to its maximum extent in a simple style- that’s what I call creativity at its peak😋. This minimalism will help in reducing the usual distractions. As it is widely said that “Less is More”, it encourages the focus on the main content. It works on the principle concept of more whitespace, typography, grid and color.

To nail the minimalist design, really Folks- It takes a thorough understanding of the design elements. You play with least of all & you must make the most of it create an enticing, beautiful minimalist design. To create an enticing design, minimalist finesse is here to stay.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) & HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) are core cryptographic protocols which are secured through TLS (Transfer Layer Secure) by mainly three layers of protection:

  • As a thumb rule, data will be encrypted
  • When data is in the process of transferring, it can’t be changed or corrupted without disclosure
  • Data would be only validated to prove that the user is communicating with the selected website

But wait! We are not done yet- other than security and authenticity; HTTPS gives you the upper hand over HTTP when it comes to Google ranking and SEO. The upcoming 2018 is going to be dominated by HTTPS since Google prefers sites that are more secure. The users also expect a safe and secure user experience. With 73% user’s abandoning a website after seeing a security alert message, it becomes more important to secure your website, don’t you think?

Wrap Up:

The web development trends mentioned above are definitely going help you strategize for the upcoming year. Looking forward to many of these profound trends in 2018.

Feel free to contact Radix team for trendy web development. We will be happy to assist you and help you out with the trends that would work wonders.

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