Application Development

Application Development

What is application? if you look up the dictionary, it would say something like “The act of using something for a purpose” ! Now, is that what it is?

Yes, in simple terms, Information Technology has only one purpose and that is to serve some purpose for any industry. Thus, application development using the Information Technology is by far one of the most interesting and wide area applications that modern day technologies has come upto provide. It is extra ordinary the way it has impacted both social and economic factors the world over. Our dependency on computing devices has reached beyond any single technological marvel and is always growing.

Stop Wondering and Get Serious – Web Application Development

The easiest way to get a real feel of applications in use would be to review your regular everyday activities and understand how often you look at them at as “Web Applications”.

You check your email, you search, you network, you chat and you work, all made possible through internet and web based applications. That’s what Web Application Development is all about. To make life simpler, connect you from anywhere as long you have device to connect with internet and get things moving.

Mobile Application Development

With more than 4 billion mobile devices being used world wide, its no wonder that its a huge market to tap in to for advertisements, user friendly software, custom made for functioning within the limited computing offered by Mobile devices.

For Mobile Application Development, J2ME, Andriod, iPhone, Window Mobile etc.. are various development tools available and on demand in market today. Although, Mobile devices and their applications have been commonly associated with common everyday functions and to some extent different types of games, it also becomes seriously employed for various business purposes too. Mobile commerce is an upcoming area to work for.

Client Server Application Development & Desktop Application

If we are talking about application development and we do not discuss the regular Desktop application, it would do us no good.

The original applications started popping up in desktops long before web and mobile based applications ever started showing up. The desktop applications run on top of windows and such operating systems. They are simple to use, have their purpose to solve and never really go anywhere, but stay a installable or installed file on your system. While Client Server Applications can also be desktop applications which can be installed, run and connected in to a network of computers.

Application Development Tools

There are so many tools for development of applications, ranging from Microsoft .NET to Open Source PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java etc…

These are some of the most common and popular tools available in the market today. One can start building their own applications using these tools. Also, there are the databases, we have SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SyBase etc… which form different types of database tools.

Supporting their implementation are the very basic, yet very essentials tools (commonly known as Scripting Languages) HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS which can made using any conventional text editors or through software like Dreamweaver…. Wow, thats just the summary of Application Development. Wonder if any one thinks about them apart from the techno geeks!!

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