Travel Booking Solution

Travel Booking Solution

Radix has developed a solution that caters to the needs of travel and hospitality industry. We have developed this solution after acquiring an in-depth understanding of the industry structure and its requirements.

The solution has a user friendly web interface for pleasant user experience. It gathers data via XML source from different suppliers and generates a unified local database. The solution can also support affiliate networks. These networks provide data and use data from our solution. We can customize this solution according to your requirements.

Solution Functionalities

Search: The solution allows the frontend users to generate a query for reservation availability. It collects this query and sends it to backend to collect real time information. The frontend users can view real-time info about booking availabilities and act accordingly.

Availability: The solution fetches real-time rates and availability details from integrated backend interface and presents it to the frontend users. We have used XML pull and push method here to fetch real-time information.

Booking: The end users can make their hotel bookings from the solution. The solution collects booking info provided by the users and sends it to backend integration for booking confirmation.

Solution Modules

User Management Module: The module maintains details of users, keeps track of their activities, and stores information that they access. This information can help you identify business trends, define loyal customer base, and design special offers and deals for your business.

Backend Integration: Our solution is capable of supporting different types of backend integrations. We can integrate with Data Management Company (DMC), an affiliated network, or a DMC and affiliated network. We can customize the solution backend to meet your unique business needs.

Comparison Module: You can provide comparative view of rates, availability details, and facilities offered. Your users can compare the facilities and tariffs and make an informed decision.

Bookings Management Module: You can manage the bookings made by the online users. You can send booking confirmations via fax, email, and SMS. For booking service providers, this module provides a comprehensive framework to manage bookings in different hotels in different cities.

Promotions Module: You can carry out your marketing activities from this module. You can host special offers to attract business. You can announce special discounts and hot deals.

Payment Gateway Integration: We integrate secure and popular payment gateways to enable users to pay online. This module accommodates the legal regulations, payment systems, and compliance requirements of different countries.

Commission Engine: You can generate on-demand commission quotes for resellers and booking service providers.

Weather Information Module: You can provide real-time and updated weather information and forecast details to your users. They can check for weather conditions online.

Solution Integrations

Hotel Owners: We offer a completely customized solution to hotel owners. We integrate their own database with our solution’s backend. The search, availability and booking functionalities will be dedicated to the owner’s hotel only. The admin can control static and dynamic information that goes out to the end users.

Integration with DMC: Here we integrate a Data Management Company in the backend of the solution for database. You can choose to have multiple DMCs integrated as well. This way you can fetch real-time data from DMCs and offer a comparative view to the users.

Integration with Hotels: Here we integrate a network of associated hotels in the backend. This connects you directly to the different hotels. The solution will fetch dynamic information directly from the hotels. You can also display special packages developed by individual hotels.

Integration with DMCs & Hotels: We can integrate both DMCs and associated hotels in your solution’s backend. You can produce an exhaustive list of availabilities and prioritize availability alternatives based on your profit margins.

White Label Development: Here we take an available solution of a DMC and change its look and feel. We change the header, footer, and color theme. But we retain the basic functionalities. We do white label development only when the DMC allows replication.

Our travel booking solution gives you the ability to capture wider market opportunities and grow your business. Since our solution is customizable there is more that you can do with it.

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