Top 4 Cloud Computing Trends in 2019 for Thunderous Growth

Top 4 Cloud Computing Trends In 2019 For Thunderous Growth

Last few years have been absolutely phenomenal and highly evolutionary for the cloud computing paradigm. The usage and adoption of cloud application development services has increased exorbitantly in this time period. And as the mass migration to cloud-based services suggest, things should neither be any different this year nor in the foreseeable future. However, one thing that has most definitely changed, and would most likely continue to follow that trajectory, is the way modern businesses are looking at this phenomenon called cloud computing. It isn’t any longer just a buzzword or ‘one of those tools’ that would come in handy for accomplishing business goals; it now is ‘the most important tool’ for the said purpose!

If you wish to make full use of the cloud’s potential for your business, then you must stay up-to-date with the trends of the cloud computing sphere. So here are the cloud computing trends that would dominate 2019.

1. Demand for Cloud Services Will Skyrocket

Okay! This isn’t a new trend. The demand for cloud migration services and cloud application development services has increased every year. But what is special about this year is that the demand is set to increase at a rate previously unheard of. Gartner predicts that the revenue from public cloud services alone would cross the $200 billion mark! SaaS would bring more than 40% of that revenue but IaaS would show the maximum year on year growth at a whopping 28%!

Gartner also suggested that by the year 2022, 9 out of 10 organizations that purchase public cloud IaaS would most likely also purchase PaaS from the same service provider and use them both in tandem.

Moreover, a study survey also indicates that the right business will lead with cloud computing requirements that would need a minimum of six different cloud service providers that can be a blend of multivendor, public and private clouds. At a time like this, it is not only an opportunity for the business to grow in multiple spheres, but is also beneficial for cloud system providers like Google, IBM, AWS, etc.

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2. Hybrid Cloud Solutions are the Way Forward

Another cloud computing trend that should be watched out for is that the hybrid cloud is all set to become the most dominant business model in the near future. In the long run, the public cloud cannot be the ideal fit for all different types of solutions for most organizations. Besides, shifting everything to the public cloud is not that easy a task as there are some stringent requirements that need to be satisfied. This is where the hybrid cloud has gained traction.

It offers a solution where you can blend the existing on premise structure and the private and open cloud services. This allows organizations to shift to the cloud at the pace they prefer.

Hybrid cloud solutions are not only capable of tackling the vibrant settings that a market demands, they also easily adapt to new requirements. Not to miss out that they are cost-effective and dynamic.

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3. Serverless Computing will Gain Popularity in 2019

During the initial years, one of the cloud computing trends was that the whole ecosystem had to include servers because that is where the data was stored. However, that has now changed and most organizations now store their data online. Server integration is no longer essential. The new serverless technology enables developers to design and run application services without requiring any infrastructure for the purpose. Under this procedure, the consumers aren’t required to buy, rent or even configure the container PaaS that they have requested. The responsibility for providing the platform, configuring it, and providing an array of tools that could help in designing applications lies with the cloud. For the consumers, this improves efficiency and reduces effort and minimizes cost. No wonder then that organizations are moving towards this phenomenon. The cloud application development services providers, too, have caught on to this trend and are directing their efforts towards serverless computing; as evidenced by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels’ focus on serverless computing during AWS re:Invent late last year.

4. Service Mesh Will Truly Arrive this Year

The service mesh was introduced to us last year, with the announcement of AWS App Mesh and Google Istio. However, 2019 is the year when it will truly arrive! But why exactly? Well, because it enhances service-to-service communication across various microservice applications, making them more reliable, flexible and fast. It reduces the complexity involved in inter-microservice communication and gives the benefits of traceability and observability in a totally seamless manner. They also help improve network functionality.

We can expect to see in 2019 how they evolve and coalesce as a technology pattern; the evolvement of Istio as enterprises opt to implement service mesh to meet their needs; and a wider expansion beyond the early adopters through clear uses cases. With all these factors working for it, the service mesh is bound to announce its arrival big time in 2019!

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These cloud computing trends may well guide the direction in which businesses take their cloud computing strategies! Although security concerns are on the rise, cloud computing is still a highly dynamic subject and is constantly evolving. The trends for tomorrow may not be the same for the day after! But what will remain constant is that businesses will focus their attention on cloud computing and would actively search for opportunities to leverage the field’s cloud computing trends to their advantage.

You can thus expect to see an increase in the demand for cloud application development services and for good reason. After all, cloud platforms provide performance and straightforwardness which companies are eager to take advantage of. And it would be an uphill task to leverage the cloud in the absence of high quality cloud application development services, wouldn’t it? Get in touch with our cloud experts today.

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