Technology News Capsules- Season 5

Technology News Capsules- Season 5

Must-read bulletins from the House of Radix to curb techno-riosity!

On the Horizon

This July, Radixweb will proudly enter into 18th year. Read our COO, Dharmesh Acharya’s keynote thoughts on this upcoming work anniversary. Know More

Innovation Is Like Evolution- The Most Unique One Rules. Emerging As Winners Each Time Makes Radixweb– Dharmesh Acharya, COO

News Corner

Radixweb Heralds High Performance in Australian Recruitment Software Company

Industry’s leading Software Development and IT Outsourcing company, Radixweb propels an Australian Recruitment Software Company to high performance by re-energizing its traditional software systems using in-trend modern technologies sprinkled with best domain acumen. Read More

Innovative Spotlight

Impact of Outsourcing Innovation to Create Competitive Velocity

Moving beyond that IT Outsourcing is just a cost cutting play; it continually drives transformation in process, operational flexibility and scalability. Matured IT process adoption has led organizations to create bigger opportunities. See how technology innovation has an impact on outsourcing. Read More

Steer Business Innovation through Mature Technology

Business and its relevant IT alignment are like two sides of a coin (here, innovation) to achieve business objectives. For smooth implementation of matured technology accelerates top line revenue growth. Integrating simplified IT solutions is inevitable to bring enterprise-wide transformation. Read More

Digital Transformation Could be your Easter Egg

Digitize is the most common buzzword today while Digital transformation is the most famous strategy to become market disruptors. In these times, to outsmart competition, companies should be more agile in their approach rather than being reactive. Get your roadmap right to govern process in an agile way. Read More

Success Stories

Mobile Marketing Solution

Delivered a smart and innovative mobile solution to streamline marketing and promotions activities of a West Africa based marketing agency to cut through the market competition, gain a better brand recognition and widen customer engagement. Read More

An Integrated Recruitment Software Solution

Created a global recruitment portal for an Australian based client in Recruitment industry with modernized feature-rich solution with advanced technologies to simplify workflow, deliver an engaging user experience and increased ROI at lower costs. Read More

Commercial Cleaning Mobile Solution

An Oman-based commercial cleaning company streamlined entire process by seamlessly connecting with its end users by enabling mobile technology to increase workforce efficiency, better analysis of time and efforts and automated manual workflows. Read More

Manufacturing Management Portal

For a Europe-based manufacturing company, we modernized their age-old system and topped up with value-adding features using technology innovation. Delivered a design-rich web application that has an easy to use interface and smooth navigations to enable end users adapt quickly. Read More

Did You Hear our Customers?

Radixweb has delivered everything on time, according to scope, and within budget. The team goes above and beyond required commitments, even with tight release deadlines. They have a good understanding of the business logic and requirements, which allows them to provide the best possible solutions.

– Raj Soni, Product Lead, IT Firm.

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