Technology News Capsules- Season 3

Technology News Capsules- Season 3

Must-read bulletins from the House of Radix to curb techno-riosity!

Sneak Peek through Cultural Lens

IT Outsourcing- Acing Industry’s Seventh Sense!

Adapting ‘Cultural Sensitivity’ as the Seventh Intelligence to lead in IT Outsourcing! As the globe turns into one big melting pot of various business cultures- it is necessary to maintain the essence of local while serving global clients.

From Our Very Own DA’s Desk

Co-existing with various cultures is a true-form enhancer to the way we envision, we work and the way we execute. As a leader in IT Outsourcing industry, Radixweb truly adheres to the philosophy- Augmenting cultural acumen is a must. We have always strived to deliver incredible credibility, transparent communication, breaking ice sessions and radical flexibility to welcome various cultural traits in various global client relations.

– Dharmesh Acharya, COO-Radixweb on “Mending Cultural Gaps in IT Outsourcing”

News Flash

Radixweb Oozes Freshness of Re-innovation in IT Outsourcing

Discern how to be a showstopper with Tech-Wow acumen with Radixweb as your Techno-Vogue partner! Grabbing the pulse of the technology driven age, Radixweb oozes tons of freshness with its fresh avatar to outsmart demands of New-Age IT. Read More

In the Gutsy Spotlight

Feel the Magic of New “We”

Gutsy Zingy and a Fresh Bright Coat of Colors, Art and Emotions- Radixweb is set to stun you with warm and breezy changes on our digital identity. It is a testimony to the crazy things we do at Radixweb- Every Single Time! Don’t Wait- Read More

Did You Hear our Customers?

Radixweb professional team has demonstrated solid domain experience. Agility and willing-ness to adapt solutions to the customers’ requirements is a hallmark of this. We have been very satisfied with the entire experience of developing complex business solutions on the cloud. We are now increasing their footprint in our IT deployment with applications ranging from interactive websites to CRM. I am sure this will be a long a fruitful partnership. Wishing Radixweb the best in all their endeavors.

– Srinivas Raman, IT Systems Manager, SSW Group, Oman.

Say hello to New “Us”

Stay Tuned for the next season…!

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