Technology News Capsules – Season 2

Technology News Capsules – Season 2

Must-read bulletins from the House of Radix to curb techno-riosity!

Sneak Peek to Future Lens

Field Service Mobility as a Nub of Automation

When Field Service Mobility marches in action- there is no stone left unturned. Accentuated equipment performance, real-time feedbacks and remote resolution to problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Dive deep for unending benefits. Read More

Perks of Automated Inspection System

From Our Very Own PM’s Desk

We are living in an age that is being ruled by IoT, Clouds, and Mobility! As innovative leaders in the arena, Radixweb understands how these new tech currents of tide can change the course of businesses. For enterprises, choosing an experienced and expert partner like Radix will ease things out!

– Pratik Mistry, Sr. Business Head- Radixweb at an event in Indian Embassy at Oman

News Flash!

Radixweb Highlights the “Way-Forward” for Futuristic Technologies at Oman

Radixweb makes its mark far and wide in Middle-East by showcasing its thought leadership in Cloud, IoT and Mobile by providing valuable insights on how evolving technology impacts business models and adds greater business value. Read More

In the Innovative Spotlight!

It’s Raining Clouds in 2017!

The year of 2016 was the year for Early Adopters for “Cloud”. Cloud computing is moving at a pace when industry owners are now thinking “How to adapt to Cloud” and not contemplating any more on should we or should we not. Read More

Enterprise Mobility- Clutch the Essence for Business Benefits

Enterprise mobility is moving steadily upwards. This is the time when around 71% companies are accelerating towards enterprise mobility, you should not be side-lined. Read More

Tips to Remember!

MS Dynamics 365- What’s New in Packet for Businesses (Part 1)

Microsoft has harnessed new spotlight with its release of Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM 2017. While the business world is still in an introduction phase with the new release; it is creating good ripples as it is a business-friendly version for enhanced experience. Are you an enterprise looking for benefits this new CRM can drive for you? Read More

Drive Digital Intelligence with Dynamics 365 Purpose-Built Business Apps (Part 2)

Witnessing the technology storm, your next goal should be to drive Digital Intelligence and Automation to your business. Here Dynamics 365 is just fit for you! To stay ahead of the pace; and reform existing business models and ameliorate the overall system. Read More

Wrap up Manual Inspection Practice and Micromanage with Automation

The way you do business today will not be relevant tomorrow. This is exactly what is happening to manual inspection process. As automation has penetrated into the Inspection systems seamlessly, it has set great standards in terms of accuracy and speed to deliver expected results. Read More

Featured Web-Design For 2017- CMS as a Key Factor

Websites are the valuable assets and Content Management Systems are the base on which best outcomes are created. In 2017, it is a deep concern over what trend is upcoming in next for web design. Web technology experts vouch the importance of embracing the right CMS to deliver an ideal web design. Read More

Must Hear- Our Happy Customers

Radix team helped us to determine the business need, were able to drill down to great detail, and incorporated the much-needed user perspective and ensured that the requirements are clear so that the resulting solution match the business need.

– Asim Al Raisi, CEO at Direct Services LLC, Middle East

Glimpse of Radix @COMEX 2017

Collage of Comex 2017

Stay Tuned for the next season…!

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