Social IT Management

Social IT Management

“Social IT Management” – the term literally means IT going social. Gartner defines social IT management as “the ability to leverage social media technologies and best practices to foster the support of end users, capture collaboration among IT staff members and collaborate with the business, promoting the value of IT organization.” In plain simple terms it is a social network by IT people for IT people.

Information Technology is one area where so much goes on at such a fast pace that keeping up can be difficult. So IT has leveraged the capabilities of social media where IT professionals can come together and share new developments, address challenges, and foster growth.

At Radix we develop social IT management systems for better knowledge management. Our system allows users to create communities and interact with each other. The system users can discuss technical issues. It’s a good place to look up to for technical answers.

Some of the other striking characteristics of our social IT management systems can be listed down as follows:

Interactive & Transparent Platform

One of the most prominent characteristics of our social IT systems is that they are highly transparent. We provide an open and transparent platform to IT professionals to communicate with each other. System members can:

  • Post queries, discuss them, and get solution from fellow members.
  • Create communities for specific technologies.
  • Join communities and contribute in online forums.
  • Can interact with their tech gurus and draw inspiration.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

We can provide settings that allow users to create communities with access to only select members or experts. This way they can:

  • Create a group of authentic users only.
  • Apply settings that allow guest visitors to view interaction between community members but not participate in it.
  • Create members-only interactive space as well.

These privacy settings can be used for communities where highly sensitive information is shared between members. Discussions related to project specifications, database access, system security, etc can be carried out under such privacy settings.

Idea Generation

You can use our social IT network as a platform to generate innovative ideas. Your users can share their ideas with other members and seek opinion. They can ask for advice and suggestions from experts.

For people who have developed some application or system all by themselves, this is the place to be. They can ask community members to analyze their idea and suggest improvements. They can invite other members for brainstorming sessions.

Enterprises can use our social IT systems to bring their creative geniuses out of shadows and into limelight. You never know, one of the ideas exchanged in forums can become your product for the future.

Help Desk

We develop social IT networks that can work as an effective help desk for IT professionals. They can use the system to discuss bugs that they have encountered and seek solution. They can share their experience of dealing with certain tough challenges in application development. Experienced members can offer guidance to the newbies and share valuable tips.

Collaborative Tool

Social media is all about offering 24×7 connectivity to people at a global scale. Our social IT system goes a step ahead and allows 24×7 collaboration at global scale. IT professionals can use the system to collaborate on new projects, special development requirements, etc. Our system connects:

  • Employees
  • Business partners
  • Support team
  • Customers

You can use the collaborative environment to improve the quality of your products or services, reduce operating costs, and enhance end user experience.

Support System

Our social IT network can be used to establish a strong support system for the end users. Your IT people can post their advices, news, ideas, and much more on this platform for your customers. They can interact with customers and help them with their product related issues. They can identify the pain points of customers and bring them to management’s notice. Smart IT enterprises can use this system to develop strong customer ties by offering proactive support and service.

Educate Users

IT professionals and experts can share their technical knowledge through social IT management system to educate their end users. They can:

  • Create a knowledge base of various internal and external technical issues.
  • Guide other IT experts and end users in their difficulties.
  • Share valuable tips with end users on how to optimize their product experience.
  • Educate users on technology aspects and latest trends.

IT professionals can use our social IT management systems to create online communities, personalized portals, discussion forums, and much more. They can share, comment, and collaborate with each other for added value.

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