Sitefinity 9.0+ Fuel for your Digital Business Agility

Sitefinity 9.0+ Fuel For Your Digital Business Agility

In March 2016, the latest release of Sitefinity 9.0 was introduced. The features which rolled out were definite which improved the backend experience for website admin and even visitors. It helped companies to have even more visibility online. Recently, in May 2016, new update – Sitefinity 9.1 was released with new features and improvements to help organizations increase digital business agility across all channels. Here we are talking what all you need to know about Sitefinity 9.0 and Sitefinity 9.1 that’s we call it 9.0+.

New and Improved Features in Sitefinity 9.0+

sitefinity 9.0

New Backend Theme

Many people who have worked on Sitefinity as an administrator could easily recall the look of dark on light colors. As the most modern websites use a white base color, Sitefinity also came up with new “light” theme option in 9.0 release. On your profile, it is available as a user setting.

Improved SEO

In 9.0 update SEO improved a lot, now Sitefinity allows content editors to remove/edit contents, which include pages. The following automated sitemap by default published to Google & other search engines. After this, you will find a new “Show in Sitemap” checkbox which you will find checked by default.

Multipage Forms

One of the improved functionality for the website administrators who works regularly on Sitefinity. Now it allows creating forms spanning across multiple pages which were not allowed previously. So if you are working on a form within Sitefinity, you are able to build single pages and also allowed for “Page Breaks”, this will break the form into multiple pages for your visitors. You can simply drag the Page break between content sections. Sitefinity will automatically update it and will add the next and previous button at the end of each page form.

Improved DEC (Digital Experience Cloud)

Sitefinity DEC allows you complete flexibility, you can have a 360-degree view of contact profiles. Like before all the contact details will be visible, but now the added feature allows you to see a full list of conversations for the contact, in and out followed by a full log of interactions with content.

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Key features of Sitefinity 9.1

  • Enhanced personalization and site sync: achieve result faster by using site sync and this will easily sync personalized content and segments. Improved performance when syncing thousands of sites.
  • Editing Simplified: Editors pasting content from external tools to the Sitefinity WYSISWYG editor can benefit from enhanced stripping options, which clear redundant font and formatting tags automatically.
  • Events Widget on MVC Framework: New Events Widget delivers a better experience to web visitor by getting the maximum of latest ASP.NET MVC technology. Some new features are –
    • Display a list of events
    • Display a single event
    • Re-occurring events
    • Events and Calendar selectors

Features which are removed from Sitefinity 9.1

With 9.1 release Sitefinity has discontinued its Desktop Application
Even support for Internet Explorer 10 and Older versions has come to an end

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Need a Reason for Upgrade?

Many companies or admin would be struggling whether to update or not? The uncertainty and question will arise what would be the output and by what cost it will be closed. However, the fact is that consistent update with Sitefinity systems, are actually worthy and able to cut down the hurdles. It’s like a maintenance of an asset. Things work better if you make a constant effort and upgrade rather than waiting for significant problems.

Sitefinity CMS Development at Radixweb

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  • Third Party System Integrations

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