Running Web CMS in Cloud – A Knocking Move

Running Web CMS In Cloud – A Knocking Move

Talking about the present scenario getting ROI with fewer resources is the priority of any company. Today technology made things easier for human, companies always try to give a better service which shouldn’t be complex for them and which comes with a better price. If you are planning to move your web CMS to the cloud, then don’t worry you’re not alone. We have seen in recent year’s numbers of the company have marked their move towards cloud system looking at the lucrative benefits it offers.

“By 2018, Spending on the Cloud Would Increase More than Double to $127.5 Billion.” – IDC forecasts

Today in this article we are going to talk why should you move your CMS to cloud. Points which will be conveyed are:

  • Importance of optimizing your CMS
  • Benefits associated moving web CMS to cloud
  • Views which will help and ensure the success of cloud system

Five Kickass Benefits of a Cloud CMS:

1. Cloud CMS Scales More Easily & Expenses are Way Predictable

Remember those time of the year when you expect your website to have booming traffic? The plethora of actions you need to take when you want to add an additional site on your website for a few weeks as it being an on – premises or 3rd part hosting CMS. You need to add an additional hardware, need to install software and have to set it up, and finally need to implement on the website. Live hassle free and with cloud-based CMS as it scales automatically to meet the prior demand. It is been handled single-handedly by cloud CMS provider, which doesn’t need any actions from your end.

Another benefit of cloud-based CMS is that you can switch from a capital to an operational expense. If you acquire on-premises CMS or use third party service you need to invest large capital in setting up your CMS. With the help of cloud-based CMS, you’re able to switch this to an operational expense. This saves you capital investment which transforms your business without any huge upfront cost.

2. No Hardware or Infrastructure Investment and Powered Platform Flexibility

If you opt on-premises software it requires- server hardware & software, backup software for regular backups, infrastructure related all equipment, network equipment, storage, firewall and more.

Imagine how long time it will take to buy this and to implement this resource. Ok! Once you are done with it then also you need a dedicated person to maintain this. Similarly, if you are opting for 3rd party hosting it has its own limitations like less control or more headaches when things go wrong, costs more per transaction etc.

But opting cloud-based CMS will be the smart move because it will be done in minutes it won’t take long week time. As talked earlier in above point it automatically scales resources which meet peak traffic loads.

Based on ASP.NET, it is extremely extensible with custom modules. It allows you to integrate easily with any virtual business application, especially towards MS stack of Dynamics. You can access cloud-based CMS from anywhere using a web browser, which allows flexibility towards your work.

3. Expand Websites Easily & Built-in Redundancy

As your business increase day by day you’ll need more website and domains. Cloud-based CMS allows you to perform well by adding new sites or new capacity. IT department will be no longer responsible for this function and solely you are able to handle adding or decreasing as needed.

It is now possible with the help of cloud that you can replicate the data across multiple geographical locations. Which means you will have one more copy of your valuable data. On-premises software requires that you architect and build this redundancy including the management of multiple data centers. But in the case of cloud-based CMS it provides built-in redundancy which ensures the availability of your website data.

4. Well Experienced Support

To maintain your in-premises CMS finding a technical staff could be a little bit challenging. But, with cloud-based CMS, you will be able to receive the benefit of established CMS professionals along with domain expertise which are available 24*7 to resolve your queries. There are cases in which many issues have been solved before end users even noticed it.

5. Faster ROI and No Manual Updates

As we know that cloud-based CMS doesn’t require huge upfront investment, it gives you faster ROI. With cloud-based model, you will get a return as early as possible.

We have heard many hacking episodes and this only happens when your system is not up-to-date with the latest security enhancement. Timely updates can be hectic or time-consuming many times. With the cloud-based, you can opt for the option of requesting CMS software update automatically.

The move from legacy on-premise software to the cloud is booming thanks to lucrative benefits cloud computing offers. Businesses who can’t keep the pace of this shift, won’t survive. Well, you would find many vendors out there who are offering “cloud” or “cloud computing”, but you got to look beyond “cloud” as a label as there is a major difference between offering and excellence.

At Radixweb, we blend 16+ years of experience of exquisite CMS web design & development services. We also offer a thorough analysis of available CMS platforms and recommend the technology which meets your specific business needs making sure you achieve your goal of increasing ROI. Are you still confused for taking a decision whether to move your web CMS to cloud? our experts are just a call away Let’s Talk Now.

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