PhoneGap – Cross-Platform Mobile App Development @ Radix

PhoneGap – Cross-Platform Mobile App Development @ Radix

PhoneGap has recently made huge waves in the world of mobile application development. It has emerged as the next generation mobile application development framework. Why? There are three primary reasons that make it so popular:

  1. It allows developers to create mobile apps that work on multiple devices.
  2. Developers can use only HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop mobile apps.
  3. It’s an open source framework.

Yes it’s hard to believe but this highly popular framework is open source in character!

Tracing back the roots, PhoneGap was first launched at an iPhoneDevCamp event at San Francisco. And then in October 2011 Adobe acquired it from Nitobi.

PhoneGap has opened up a Pandora’s Box for mobile app developers. The capabilities and possibilities are immense in PhoneGap Development. At Radix we are exploring PhoneGap for next level of mobile application development.

PhoneGap Application Development at Radix

PhoneGap is the mainstay of cross platform mobile application development at Radix. We are developing robust and dynamic mobile apps with exciting set of features and cross mobile compatibility in PhoneGap. Our PhoneGap services span across an entire range of:

  • Application development
  • Feature customization
  • Special integrations
  • Application testing & debugging
  • Deployment & installation

There are several benefits to PhoneGap development at Radix.

Cost Effective Development: Andre Charland, Director of Engineering for PhoneGap at Adobe has announced that PhoneGap is open source and “will always remain free and open source.” This open source characters makes app development cost effective. The framework is available to us under MIT license (free software license).

Technology: We use technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JQuery Mobile, and Sencha Touch in PhoneGap development. We don’t use Objective C programming language. This makes your app code simple and easy.

Mobile Compatibility: We develop PhoneGap apps that are compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry. So your app can have higher market acceptance and wider audience base.

Features: We develop PhoneGap apps with exciting set of features like geo-location, camera, media, offline storage, etc. Our apps provide rich and native user experience of all features.

App Store Access: Since we develop PhoneGap apps that are compatible with iOS and Android you can release them on highly popular app stores.

Multiple Deployments: We develop PhoneGap apps once but they can be deployed multiple times across different platforms according to your requirement. This saves you time and money both.

Branding: PhoneGap apps can have their own icons. This gives you an opportunity of branding and building a reputation.

New Developments: The developer fraternity of PhoneGap continuously comes up with new modules and releases. We closely monitor these advancements for better app development.

PhoneGap 2.0 & Radix

Talking of new developments let’s see what PhoneGap 2.0 is all about.

Ever since official acquisition by Adobe, PhoneGap has seen a surge in its popularity. And it is this popularity that had Adobe releasing PhoneGap 2.0.

Brain LeRoux, lead developer for PhoneGap was quoted as saying, “PhoneGap 2.0 is all about a vastly improved developer experience.”

So PhoneGap 2.0 focuses on improving a developer’s experience. And the benefits of this improved experience are most certainly reflected in the app itself. The most important improvements in PhoneGap 2.0 for us are:

Windows Phone Support: This is one of the biggest improvements we would say for us. We specialize in Windows mobile development services. PhoneGap 2.0 gives us the opportunity to combine our Windows expertise with PhoneGap to develop apps that have wider user base.

Cordova WebView: This is important because it allows us to integrate PhoneGap into larger native applications for added benefits.

Command Line Tooling: Command line tooling has solved our problem of different names for same tasks across different platforms. We have achieved standardization in nomenclature now.

PhoneGap Build & Adobe Creative Cloud

In addition to PhoneGap 2.0, Adobe has also recently released PhoneGap Build. This has eased our development process. It has also added following set of benefits to our development practice.

Rapid Development Cycle: PhoneGap Build allows us to re-use our existing frameworks and tools for application development. It also has faster debugging features. This has reduced our application development and delivery timelines.

Updated Testing: PhoneGap Build has made it easy for us to notify our testers of new advancements. This means your app passes through updated testing standards and scenarios at Radix.

Display External Web Pages: PhoneGap Build officially supports the ChildBrowser plugin. We use this to display external web pages as a sub view in your app. This way if your app user is not interested in a particular web page he can simply close it with a click without ever leaving your app.

The PhoneGap developer fraternity is also included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud. This gives us access to Adobe’s tools and apps that further speed up our development process.

PhoneGap Apps Developed By Radix

We have developed PersonalSMS mobile app in PhoneGap.

PersonalSMS Mobile App
PersonalSMS Mobile App

Personal SMS users can personalize and send bulk SMS messages to contacts stored in their mobile device. The app users can sync their phone contacts with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc and create user groups. They can then send messages to individual contacts or whole group. The app users can use predefined SMS templates or create their own custom templates for their messages.

free sms app for mobile
free sms app for mobile

free sms application download
free sms application download

We have developed a token system in the app that allows users to insert important data in their messages very easily. All they have to do is define tokens for items like First Name or Address and then insert them in their message text body. On delivery, the final message derives and displays the token’s data. The app users can also schedule and reschedule their messages, save message drafts, and store and retrieve old messages from history.

PersonalSMS Mobile App for iPhone/iPad/Android
PersonalSMS Mobile App for iPhone/iPad/Android

PersonalSMS Mobile App
PersonalSMS Mobile App

PersonalSMS is compatible with Android phones and is available in app store

PhoneGap is certainly the new age development framework for mobile apps. If you have an idea for a mobile app, share it with our offshore PhoneGap development team at Radix. You can also hire PhoneGap application developers from Radix under flexible hiring models.

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