MS Dynamics 365- What’s New in Packet for Business Benefits?

MS Dynamics 365- What’s New In Packet For Business Benefits?

Microsoft came under the spotlight with a release of Dynamics CRM 2017 or Dynamics 365. Interestingly, it shook the business world with an introduction of a business-friendly version by keeping cloud CRM and ERP components together under one unified platform for enhanced experience.

Are you an enterprise? And looking for some invoke-benefits it can drive for you? Let me tell you; new version of MS Dynamics 365 development is based on a core concept of simple data management across business processes and applications. Hence, it unboxed some magnet-like-features to gain the maximum eyeballs on it and got cream for you. Let’s get into the essence, what newfangled it carries for SMEs and at which level it can help you to automatize your business?

On the Fence: Cloud or On-Premise?

Tailored with trending technology, MS Dynamics 365 has introduced two different versions- Cloud-based package and on-premises server-based version. Depending upon custom requirements, businesses now have a chance to choose the most suited version for use.

Cloud-based version operates as the Software as a Service (SaaS). To utilize it, you can subscribe to the licensed version of centrally hosted software considering specific IT needs and have a protected Database without reserving in-house IT resources.

In case you have large-scale implementations, then choose on-premises server-based version. It is the suitable version if you want to utilize the existing IT infrastructure and have a complete ownership of data.

Redefined Formation for Convenience

In view of enterprise divisions, Dynamics 365 integrates Dynamics CRM and ERP to deliver end-to-end solutions. Adaptable business apps defined are- MS Dynamics 365 Development for Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Operations, Financials, Field Service, Project Service Automation and Customer Insights. Total 8 purpose-built business apps can be optimized separately or together as per the custom needs of enterprise.

Intelligent App Infographic

Custom Configured Position Hierarchies

A small revision with great benefits comes with the custom configured position hierarchies for document management. Acquisition of a new data model empowers to route timesheets and other reports in a particular project hierarchy. An added advantage is that you can also configure the new version to manage associated configurable hierarchies for making the smooth operations.

Interactive Look and Feel

A brand new home page of Dynamics 365 serves you all the business apps you have subscribed for in one plate. The subscribed apps will appear in the Apps pane, just after entering into the product. Streamline all divisions and exchange data seamlessly for better outcomes.

Functionalities Which Add a Value

With the help of common shared data model, real-time tracking is possible to match the ever-changing needs of customers. By acquiring modern technology, the connected system makes it possible to serve the right information when needed.

The new product takes back-ups automatically, and it’s good news for the enterprises managing a Big Data. It is embedded with Office 365 and Outlook, which enables a structured workflow. All 8 component applications can be utilized individually, but integration is possible to get the data which can be generated by relating two or more applications.

Smart Dashboard provides quick access to imported Data which is displayed in the form of views, lists, charts and frames for ease of use. Before making the critical business decisions, concern persons will have key performance indicators ready to go with the timely insights.

Navigation pane designer is the likable element as it facilitates to form the custom dashboards at a level of an individual, team or whole organization.

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