Mobile Apps Development Trends 2017 – Fawn Forever

Mobile Apps Development Trends 2017 – Fawn Forever

We’re in the era where we’re witnessing the battle of mobile OS giants IOS and Android. As a matter of fact in 2016, we’ve seen feverish pace in Mobile Apps Development. As the need is emerging day-by-day in a common way which is expanding customers demand and enterprise development needs and the legacy will surge forward.

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If you’re planning to beat the league in 2017 or infuse the mojo of Mobile Application Development in your organization, then it’s essential to understand the obeisance of mobile development trends and the scenario which is going to be ominous in 2017.

Smartphone user will arise from 4.61 billion users to 4.77 billion users in 2017Click To Tweet

Coining the Mobile Apps Development Term

Tech Cloud Apps

As we’re already witnessing the massive number of apps are merged with cloud technology – it is clear that now everyone urges to move their database toward cloud and ISPs (internet service provider) are also encouraging the same by providing it an affordable price. Cloud allows the enterprise and its employees to sync the data anytime and anywhere without the risk of data loss and corruption. We cite that there would be a huge demand in future and to get the pace one needs to leverage cloud technology the most.

By 2017, over 268 billion App downloads and $ 77 billion in revenue will be madeClick To Tweet

IoT and Smart Devices

Technology made us indolent that even if our body needs water, it reminds us, isn’t it funny? Yes, actually but the fact is fact. IoT helps us to control things via applications, and Smart devices give us access to do same. We’re witnessing the great inventions and models of IoT applications and devices e.g. the self-driven car, smart watches, fitness bands, etc. The future has already knocked the door, and this will give more room to the mobile app development in 2017.

10B Mobile Device, 7.3B world population by 2016 (est.) which comes to 1.4 devices per person on planet Click To Tweet

Dev Tools

Every single year only mobile apps industry hits more than ten and thousands of application in the market. Hence there is a lot of pressure standing on the head to launch the applications without any errors along with the businesses needs of properly structured apps ASAP. Today application programming kit is available for software and interfaces which make work more convenient and faster to launch this app. In 2017, we’ll witness the rise in application development and more advanced software kits which will storm the industry and make human life more ease.


New and Innovative User Interface Design

To have the sound User Experience visible display of data and content of mobile UI is important. Many successful apps have leveraged and shown the power of intuitive designs and interactive interfaces. Our designers are pledge towards creating such apps that overcome mobile challenges, such as user experience and interruption.

And now the future lies where technology exploits with novel features like interactive layouts, eye-catchy design patterns, user interactions and can manipulate the content accordingly. This feature creates ‘augmented reality,’ and so it allows users to interact with the content in detail. Apps are being trendsetters and setting the higher standards. If your organization wouldn’t upgrade with the same, then it might be the doomsday. It is advisable to keep up with mastering new skills and work with the alliances who can come with your meaningful new meets and user experience.

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Enterprise Mobility

It is a trend these days to develop mobile apps which help in day to day functioning of an organization. Such apps make it possible for large teams to stay connected and keep track of company data. It helps in improving the productivity of employees and increasing their efficiency. The main criteria of Enterprise Mobility Management are security, application management, and financial management. Thus, demand for Enterprise Apps will continue to grow, and they will encompass a broad range of the directorate needs.

“In 2017, the enterprise mobility market is predicted to generate revenues of 2.1 billion U.S. dollars.”Click To Tweet

What Radixweb Offers in Mobile Apps Development

Get relief from the bad teeth’s of your business requirements with Radixweb’s witty experience in developing iOS, Android, Windows, Hybrid Apps and Enterprise Mobility solutions. Our skilled team is more enthusiastic to ‘hurl the furl’ of mobile app challenges which are custom made for your business, are intuitive and easy to use. We have an experienced team of professionals in the field who rain check before giving a final call to anything. And in such a manner we extend our legacy by fitting our leg in your shoe. Contact us with your requirements and we will talk with the best coffee in hand 🙂

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