Mistakes Which Collapse Legacy Application Modernization Process

Mistakes Which Collapse Legacy Application Modernization Process

Application Modernization is now not a new concept. But with fastest changing technology and increasing cost of maintaining legacy applications application modernization can’t be overlooked. Whether you like it or not it is essential to adapt application modernization because with legacy app you probably won’t stand in today’s market.

Nowadays applications need a frequent update if you think your year old app is updated then, you are mistaken. With the faster ongoing technology cycle, business owners and their respective organizations need to take this matter seriously that is to modernize legacy apps. Don’t let the bug in and go for application modernization before it’s too late.

Whether you like it or not it is essential to adapt application modernization because with legacy app you probably won’t stand in today’s market.

Top Seven Mistakes to Avoid While Going for Legacy Application Modernization

Opting wrong vendor – key point to keep in mind while hiring someone for application modernization project. If one of your relatives is a whiz at systems, then it doesn’t mean that he/she is the right person to undertake your project.

Ask following questions before you proceed:

  • How many projects done?
  • How many projects did deliver on time and on-budget?
  • What kind of information would they need before starting a project?
  • How much access will have over the new system?
  • Can we maintain and update it in-house?

Lack of communication – for any successful project implementation clear and honest communication are must. And this applies here for your application modernization project too. Constant communication is critically needed to keep the entire team involved and addressing challenges in an early stage. You should also plan week memos and team meeting at the office.

Lack of understanding about current situation – it’s tough to make a decision without understanding what already exists. Conducting an application portfolio assessment is the best way to accomplish the goal. To start with legacy modernization for organizations includes reviewing all data types, hardware and software, and inter-dependencies.

Ignoring importance of testing and planning – chances of failure increases if you don’t do the thorough investigation of planning and testing in your management. A good plan will fulfill expectations, and testing at each stage will ensure accuracy and configuration.

Underestimating how many people to involve – successful application modernization needs committed resources. There is a definite need for the project manager to run meetings, liaise with the vendor, and keep everyone on track. You will also need a subject matter specialists for those meetings, like systems, applications, tasks and database specialists all through the process.

Moving alone – having an experienced will help you in making the process more ease, avoid common drawbacks and add resources this will automatically lead to success. Take your own time to find the perfect partner who can guide you through your legacy application modernization.

Fail to assure proper buy-in – executive buy-in and commitment is vital for ongoing support, and it is extremely important as the project get started. To secure buy-in you need to make sure to have a good business plan with clear ROI. Prepare yourself for the strategic business goal and technical feasibility discussion.

If you still have legacy apps, then probably you are on the verge to lose the game, so don’t be late and go for application modernization today and mark your presence.

Well, we think these guidelines will help you in succeeding with your legacy application. Make sure you don’t fall in above mentioned points.

“Get the extravaganza in your business and be the eye star for your clients.”

Why Radix a Perfect Partner for your Application Modernization Project?

Things are changing at the lightning fast speed and there are so many new features and demand merged on IT systems and following applications. Grab this opportunity and update your legacy apps and cater it to your business needs for better ROI with Radixweb.

Blending 15 years of industry experience Radixweb manage to reduce budget and execution timeline of legacy application modernization project through a global delivery model.  Unlike siloed services that other companies provide, we use a proven, integrated approach & execution methodology tailored specific to application modernization project deliveries. If you have any queries then shoot a message and get the best of us.

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