Microsoft updated Dynamics CRM brings the Spring Wave with New IoT Avatar

Microsoft Updated Dynamics CRM Brings The Spring Wave With New IoT Avatar

Hello, readers, there’s a good news for all, recently Microsoft has launched an update Dynamics CRM 2016. All you need to know is that it introduces a brand new tool to help companies hit the IoT for improving their customer-service efforts.

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The spring wave of MS Dynamics CRM 2016 was globally announced on Monday. Adding the new tools for companies CRM software brings those additions into the `limelight.

Now coming on to the online users in the second quarter of 2016, the new update solely focuses on the integration of Adxstudio and FieldOne technologies for new field-service and Web-portal capabilities. Providing hassle free experience it’s going to introduce project service, an offering, which is meant to support complex, day to day engagements and enhance resourcing followed by skill-based assignments.

Connected Field Service – A Tool Solely Focuses on Projecting Maintenance

“There’s whole new opportunity with new IoT technology to monitor device data, detect anomalies and proactively identify best actions for next level maintenance and repairs,” write Jhujhar Singh, general manager of MS Dynamics CRM.

Talking more about this New Spring Wave 2016 are Web portals designed which helps companies to engage external communities along with
– self-service profile management capabilities
– rich content publishing
– configurable extensions
– secure access
– permission controls

Provided along a customer portal, for illustration, which helps them to solve their query on their own, freeing up service representatives to focus more on critical issues. Portal with preconfigured solutions is available for employees, partners, and communities.

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Learning path a new feature introduced, meanwhile, it offers guided navigation capabilities to help the new application users for quick learning. This tool works step-by-step throughout with the users to complete a task.

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