Legacy System Re-engineering In Dotnet

Legacy System Re-Engineering In Dotnet

Our modern business and IT environments have become very dynamic. Before we even know it, our enterprise systems become obsolete or face adaptability, interoperability, and even usability issues.

Now when these applications are custom-developed, you just cannot discard them. They were custom developed to serve a very specific purpose. But continuing with them today may not be operationally efficient.

So what can you do? You can get your application re-engineered in the latest Dotnet platform from Radixweb and optimize its performance.

Application Modernization at Radixweb – The Concept

Application re-engineering means transforming a legacy or obsolete system to operate in a new computing platform or environment. At Radixweb, what we do is we take your legacy modernization and reverse engineer it first. We then upgrade its code to the latest Dotnet version. We add new functionalities and take care of technical bugs.

This way, you can retain your original system’s custom functionalities, get new features, and upgrade your application’s technology base.

Benefits of Legacy System Reengineering at Radixweb

The mere fact that your legacy application was custom developed means it had a special purpose to serve in your business. This itself is a reason enough to re-engineer it to the latest technology.

At Radixweb, legacy application re-engineering has the following set of benefits:

1. Latest Technology: New technology brings along a new set of benefits for an organization. So at Radixweb, we re-engineer your legacy application to the latest Dotnet framework version. This makes it easier to maintain and upgrade the app in the future.

2. Microsoft Certified Expertise: Radixweb is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Dotnet development and consulting. We specialize in developing applications in Dotnet. So when we work on your legacy modernization, we work with certified skills and proven technical expertise.

3. Cost Factor: We use your existing code and resources to re-engineer your legacy system. This makes re-engineering cost effective as compared to getting a whole new system developed or buying a new solution.

4. Business Logic: At Radixweb we first focus on business logic of an application instead of its code. We make sure that we carry this business logic forward when we re-engineer your application.

5. Add New Functionalities: As your business grows there may be certain requirements that your legacy application does not meet. In such cases we can add new set of features and functionalities to your legacy application while re-engineering it.

6. Third Party Integrations: We can integrate third party solutions or tools with your legacy system during re-engineering. This saves you the cost of buying a whole another solution. It also increased the value of your existing system.

7. Interoperability with Other Systems: For more than a decade now we have been developing , bespoke business solutions for global customers. We understand full enterprise IT architecture. So we re-engineer your legacy system in such a way that it interoperates with other systems in your IT environment.

8. Lower Maintenance Costs: Maintaining a legacy system can be a costly affair, especially when it is hard to optimize its performance due to technical limitations. But we re-engineer these systems in such a way that you don’t need to spend a fortune on maintenance.

Application Re-engineering Process at Radixweb

Step 1: Understand Existing System: our developer team understands your existing system, IT environment in which it works, and its dependencies. We study your existing system documentation and identify code level functionalities.

Step 2: Requirement Analysis: this, our team prepares a list of functional requirements of your system. We list down the new set of features that need to be added. We do a quick feasibility check to see that the new features do not clash with the old ones. We also check the technical feasibility of the new features.

Step 3: Fine-Tune Existing Code: , we do performance tuning of your existing code. Here we study the existing code of your application. We identify redundant code and remove it. We also remove any unnecessary coding to make it more responsive. We remove unused DLLs, variables, events, class, etc. All of this will help you save memory usage.

Step 4: Reuse Existing Code & Add New Code: this is done, we then analyze the remaining code to see what can be reused for what. We try to reuse the maximum of the existing code. Then develop new code for newer functionalities.

We make necessary changes to your application code and make it compatible with the new operating system and IT environment. We re-engineer the user interface to enhance the look and feel of your app for end-users. We simplify complex processes and make the app user friendly.

We also test the app thoroughly and analyze the output before deploying it back into your IT environment.

Dotnet as application Re-engineering Platform

We at Radixweb are Microsoft certified experts for the Dotnet development platform. So we can easily integrate object-oriented features and web services in your legacy system. In addition to this, the other advantages of re-engineering your application in Dotnet are:

  • We can create multiple copies of your system, which you can run independently on different servers.
  • We can make your system adaptive and responsive with a rich interactive experience.
  • The system can be connected to distributed data sources like a Smart client.
  • We can maintain computational services (thin client computing) at a reduced total cost of ownership.
  • We can easily deploy and maintain a Dotnet application.
  • We can integrate XML web services and convert your application into a web application.
  • Your application can support SOAP due to the Dotnet platform.
  • We can make your application platform-independent in Dotnet, which means installing it and operating it anywhere and everywhere.
  • We can use Dotnet to make your application mobile compatible.

At Radixweb, we do legacy application re-engineering for web and desktop. You can hire a best offshore Dotnet team from Radixweb to re-engineer your legacy system. We offer flexible business hiring models with resource tracking systems for application re-engineering.

To hire legacy application and system re-engineering services or know more about our legacy application re-engineering services, Contact Us.

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