Latest Search Engines Market Share

Latest Search Engines Market Share

Google is Winner

Let me start my first blog with current search engine market share. As per latest report of HITWISE

Latest Search Engine Market Share

As per Hitwise latest reports, Google’s market share rose from 72.11% in February 2009 to 72.39% in March 2009, sametime both Yahoo Search and Microsoft’s Live Search market share saw downwards.

As you can see, the top engines combined account for over 98% of all search volume in the US.

Year-over-year (2008 over 2009) numbers are also in Google’s favor: Google’s market share up by 8% over March 2008, while Yahoo Search and Live Search market share down by 19% and 17%, respectively. Same time nearly maintain it’s share.

So Once again is major Search Engine for SEO activity.

New Interesting Trend for SEO

As per latest HITWISE report search queries continue to get longer.
Searches of four words and up are on the rise, while 1- to 3-word searches are declining.

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