Kentico 9 – Key Takeaways for Online Marketers

Kentico 9 – Key Takeaways For Online Marketers

Release of Kentico 9 promised for happier 2016 for all sized businesses. Attain path breaking success with smooth CMS, eCommerce and online marketing functionalities of latest Kentico updates. Kentico 9 launched in November 2015 with enhanced capabilities like Continuous Integration, Integrated Campaign Management, Web Farm Support, ASP.NET MVC Support & Modularization.

Among these five modules, Kentico 9 has focused more on Integrated Campaign Management by offering advanced upgrades and cutting-edge features in this latest version. This article introduces all those aspects of Integrated Campaign Management that simplifies online marketing process of business and boost the business.


Integrated Campaign Management – One Stop Online Marketing Solution

Till the time Kentico is popular for its extensive capabilities for CMS and eCommerce needs. However, Kentico 9 made the technology more efficient by introducing its next generation online marketing competencies by offering Integrated Campaign Management. Key aspects of this module are:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Personas

Marketing Automation

Allow your customers to land on the specific product/services page directly they are looking for. Kentico 9 facilitates organizations to serve clients with the appropriate content and give a good impression to them to start first sales through personalized strategies.

Automate process of eCommerce and cart abandonment by setting customized conditions. It also helps in generating contextual data of site visitors’ activities in the arena of eCommerce and forms.

  • E-commerce: Offer customized buying experience to your customers and optimize their online shopping experience through eCommerce functionalities offered by Kentico 9. Marketers can send automated upsell emails with relevant products or send more relevant automated shopping cart reminders to customers.
  • Forms: It is quite easy for marketers to track and react to the online forms submitted by visitors. Moreover, Kentico 9 leverages with intelligent segmentation of visitors’ based on received responses, sending emails to visitors’ for their respective responses and data entry of interested prospects into the CRM.

Email Marketing

An outstanding feature of digital marketing offered by Kentico 9. Email marketing is a brilliant way to attract to potential business prospects. It can be new or existing customers. Kentico 9 is continuously working on improvement of its Email Marketing features to facilitate marketers to deliver appealing user experience to their customers’ with friendly interface.

Email Marketing of Kentico 9 offers reports generation facility for new emails. The reports are available in both the graphical and tabular forms. It displays essential statistics including delivery rate, engagement, most clicked links, and so on.

Contact Management

There is one unique feature introduced by Kentico 9 that is Contact Management. Import the contacts in bulk quantity along with efficient segmentation. In addition, contacts can also unsubscribe all marketing emails through single click.


Kentico 9 allows for personalizing your website content as per specific type of audience and define personas with customized settings management, control over the content without technical knowledge, and so on. Improve your business ROI and maximize conversion rates using fully integrated online marketing tools like marketing automation, email marketing, etc. Marketers can create their website with high-end customization by defining their own rules and make it simpler and efficient.

We see lot of promises from Kentico 9’s recent upgrades but time will tell us actual benefits of the same. At Radix, are excited about implementing these new features for our clients to increase their productivity & getting best out of their investments. We are one stop shop for businesses with all kind of Kentico technology requirements be it new implementation, up-gradation or maintenance.

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