Give Power of Mobility to Your Customers!!!

Give Power Of Mobility To Your Customers!!!

Over the past couple of years we have witnessed unbelievable hype and anticipation followed by explosive sales in mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. These devices are already driving more sales than personal computers and laptops. In fact, very soon personal computers will become a thing of past.

Today’s customers are not buying latest mobiles because their existing ones have become outdated. They are buying new devices to utilize the maximum potential of mobile computing platform with new features. So it’s no longer a question of “if” but a question of “when”.

Here are some facts to support this statement.

Recent sold out of iPhone 5 and Google Nexus 4 on arrival shows that iPhones and Android phones are dominating the psyche of mobile phone users.

High demand of iPad and Android based tablets proves that innovation and good user experience based utilities can really sell products. Surprisingly nobody thought this could ever happen! (This is a real world example of “thneed” from Dr Seuss Lorax).

Technology giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon are busy developing new stuff for mobile computing. And players like Nokia who are sticking to the traditional services model are losing market day by day.

Even dead devices like HP Touch Pad were sold out completely in the Fire Sales 2011 as people saw them as a decent mobile computing device at $99. Interestingly after this sell out many independent developer groups came out with its Android version support – a real rescue for the dead device!

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The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development is collaborating with electronic manufacturers to release $20 tablets for students and some economically deprived sections of society. If this initiative succeeds mobile computing would penetrate deeper in the market.

Since Android, an open source platform is slowly becoming a market leader many mobile companies are coming out with cost effective devices of their own.

And last but not the last Android enabled TV and digital cameras are latest market fad. This shows that electronic devices are becoming multipurpose now.

Above events clearly indicate a future where every single hand would hold some sort of mobile computing device. And mobile applications will have takers all around the world. In other words mobile commerce is not only here to stay but to grow as well.

Some mobile apps that have now become a part of our daily lives are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, GTalk, Calendar App, Instagram, Evernote, Google Maps, Yelp, Kindle, etc.

Now these applications are indeed quite popular. None of these are innovations as such. They are basically mobile versions of the original application that we use on our computers. But we use these mobile versions due to easy accessibility and rich user experience.

We have already seen the number of mobile users is growing phenomenally. So a separate mobile website or a responsive website is need of the hour. Similarly due to better accessibility customers have started shopping through mobile devices. They can view product galleries, follow checkout process, and make payment using mobile payment gateways. This means more business opportunities.

So isn’t this the right time to give that extra push to your business? You can make your business accessible on mobile devices and increase your business reach. Think about it!!!!

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Jaydeep Patadiya is a senior business development manager at Radixweb and always has the answer to- what's on the mind of the customers? In an industry that is fundamentally changing, he helps customers make the right decisions by connecting the right dots and adopt new technologies. Beyond work, he prepares for upcoming marathon races.