Does Your HRM System Really Automates Key Modules? – Part II

Does Your HRM System Really Automates Key Modules? – Part II

In part one of Does Your HRM System Really Automates Key Modules? We talked about the basic HR modules to simplify and streamline the primary HR operations. However, it is not enough to synchronize different activities using basic modules.

In this article, we’ll talk about one step ahead that is a detailed understanding of advanced modules. Automate your HRMS by developing advanced modules that set seamless interconnection across different modules to get accurate performance.

Advanced Modules of HRMS

HRMS System Part II

Organizational Management

Management of employee data is a quite hectic process. Use HRMS to create a well-defined organizational chart of the workforce that is based on best data-driven practices. Get an accurate organizational structure of company’s staff using automated HRMS that facilitates HR department with –

  • Quick import and update of employee database
  • System creates organizational chart automatically by tracking the data
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for improved web browser compatibility and capabilities at least investment

HR Management Information System

HRM system must cover different operations start from employee application registration to resign or retirement. It allows companies to manage various functions of the employee such as recruitment, evolution, placement, development, compensation, etc. from a centralized place.

Moreover, the system should manage massive data of employee’s demographics, selection criteria, professional details, skills and expertise, training and development, compensation records, etc.

Benefits Administration

Simple yet effective Benefits Administration Module aids organizations in setting strategic retirement and insurance policies to achieve higher employee satisfaction. It reduces paperwork for the HR staff as well as resources required to manage benefits administration. Using Benefits Administration Module through a custom designed software aids HR department to set a healthy culture across the organization.

Employee Self-Service

An employee can change the required information using ESS module. Edit any of your personal and professional details in HRMS using the secure login credential provided by HR department. It facilitates employee with

  • Secure access to check history of earning and taxes & changes in tax withholding
  • Stay informed about the latest updates from centralized payroll
  • Activate and change direct deposit information, personal information etc.

Advanced Reports

Get true insights and analytics into your people processes through a detailed report format. Business strategy thrives on data. Data analytics and reporting makes it easy.

How Radixweb HRMS Cater to Specific HR Needs?

Radixweb has proven expertise for building next generation HR Management Software that helps small to large scale enterprise to make their HR operations automated. We are working with HR domain since pretty long and have established a strong alliance with several HR agencies across the globe.

Let us work together to develop and deploy a highly customized HR software to synchronize your HR activities.

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