Digital Transformation is the need of the hour. How and Why?

Digital Transformation for business

How your business should be positioned in the new digital normal.

The business transformation that leaders envisioned to occur five years hence is now about to show up in the coming quarter. The chaos triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused trillions of dollars worth of economic disruption.

The ball is now again the court of business leaders. They must now choose to hold onto established practices, the effects of which are now waning or decide to accelerate through the chaos aided by the practicality and necessity of Digital Business Transformation.

According to a 2018 survey by Tech Pro Research, 70 percent of survey respondents said that their companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one.

Today technology holds incomparable weight, dictating business operations, management of data and, even the way employees engage with customers. Technology also controls how consumers perceive and buy a product or service. In the age of automation, if a company cannot incorporate business transformation by investing in technology, it could result in serious setbacks.

Thus it is recommended to approach a digital transformation consulting firm that understands your business and accordingly provides digital solutions.

In this information age, companies that aggressively choose to invest in technology, enterprise software, and mobile application development can outperform traditional competitors in any industry by miles – provided they apply the right technology with the best approach to drive a digital transformation.

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Common questions raised by business leaders are

1. How do I start my digital transformation journey?

2. What steps should I take to ensure the solidarity of my business?

From remote work to hiring dedicated developers offshore to agility and then on to aligned software creation, we present the path for business leaders to accelerate through the chaos.

The Right Path to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

1. Remodel your data

Data powers modern business. This means that companies must transform their stagnant data into an asset. Without data that is relevant and accessible, improving decisions, customer experience and fuelling growth is very difficult.

Data audits of what data is available, how it is accessed, and for what purpose, have graduated from being a no-regret decision to a condition for the enterprise’s survival. Enterprises can choose either to work with what they have, while running the risk of turning obsolete, or they can take the data powered highway and level up. A few spheres where data is of value are: –

1. Employee productivity

2. Market opportunities

3. Reduction of bottlenecks and gridlock

4. Empowering decisions

It isn’t easy to transform data into business value. It requires deep resources, expertise as well as much harder work than expected.

Here is where we step in. Enabling companies in knowing their data and then being able to locate and access relevant information when needed, is how we assist our customers at Radixweb every day.

2. Break the shackles of legacy applications

In facing the business pressures stemming from the New Digital Normal, heritage software estates are proving to be brittle, expensive and unfortunately, unsustainable. Consumer relevance, accelerated TTM and overall cost savings are of vital importance. Corporations might feel trapped by their legacy software. Luckily, there are new tools, processes, methods, and partners to help increase value by legacy modernization.

If you are on the search for a highly efficient, qualified, vetted software development partner to create a custom made bespoke software solution for your enterprise, you can turn to Radixweb. We are an empowered and experienced integrator to build an entire software ecosystem or a diversified multi-talented team of expert developers to handle your enterprise app portfolios.

Digital Transformation Steps

3. Modernize how your employees work

One of the monoliths of the New Digital Normal is remote work. The pandemic has served as a catalyst for the deployment of a remote workforce. It is forecasted that large portions of the workforce might not return to a traditional office and might wish to continue working remotely.

This situation is favorable since thousands of working hours spent on commutes will be saved, not to mention the spike in productivity. According to a Survey by CoSo cloud, 77% of Remote employees report higher productivity and are 52% less likely to take time off.

Enterprises should embrace this opportunity. Actionable areas are- better control of off-premise devices that access corporate environments, and the leveraging of communication tools to keep information flowing.

If you, as a company, want a fast, reliable, authentic work experience while avoiding the hassles of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team allowing for you to focus on your core-business, you could even hire a remote team.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Software Development Partner, Radixweb has worked for over 2900 clients spread across 25 countries for whom we have been working 100% remotely for the last two decades. With us, you are in safe hands.

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4. Upgrade your consumer experience

Content is always king. But with an ever-increasing number of transactions and engagements online, the need to mobilize and deliver the right content to the right person, at the right time, in a place of his convenience, via a device of his choice, using visually appealing software is now a business imperative.

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We at Radixweb are fore-runners of the web development ecosystem by creating web applications that have earned client appreciation and industry respect by their growth centricity and ability to transform businesses digitally.

By leveraging a combination of research, analysis, strategy, development and beautiful effervescent design, Radixweb combines its technical proficiency with a thorough plan of execution.

We are a first-string web application development service provider, with a legacy of developing game-changing, functionality-rich solutions for today’s customer to drive your business outcomes for a remarkable value.

5. Prioritize agility

Agility is the capability of capturing the pulse of change and accepting that it is more about “acting in time” rather than “being right.” Agility impacts the formation of the enterprise’s strategy as well as how the enterprise transfers ownership to its workforce, empowering them to take responsibility.

Beyond the disruption of the pandemic, the changing business environment requires speed, innovation on the go and the need to scale. The business ecosystem has now entered the new digital normal and strategies for running, changing and staffing an enterprise need to reflect this shift to stay relevant. The right financials, the right tools and proper staffing are vital.

How businesses respond to the “New Digital Normal” in mid-and long-term demands the imperative of an experienced and reliable partner to consult and help make valuable decisions to avoid being outmoded. At Radixweb, our mission is to help organizations around the globe manage the business impact of the pandemic and accelerate their digital transformation.

Today business leaders have taken up the mantle of explorers, the pathfinders navigating through the unprecedented world post the pandemic. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governments across the globe have made significant interventions. And so have businesses.

In the face of looming financial and operational challenges, enterprises have begun adjusting to the changing needs of their people and their customers. Both for companies and individuals, the pandemic and its forecasted repercussions have fast become the most significant global event of our lifetimes with a renewed focus on IT digital transformation, the torch-bearer to tomorrow.

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Maitray Gadhavi is a senior business development manager with Radixweb who accelerates the growth of organizations through innovation-led custom software development. Balancing the long-term gains in an evolving industry, he brings the voice of the customers into the enterprise. Binge-watching favourite series is his idea of fun after work.