Surpassing A Leadership Test: Reimagining The Art Of Business

COO Dharmesh Acharya speaks

From new normal to next normal, the journey is all about resilience and reimagining reforms. However, as a business leader, I understand that this reimagining is easily said than done. And the road to resilient business reforms at times overlaps due to the nature of businesses, industry niche, and location.

As a leading technocrat, what should possibly occupy your prime focus now?

My business experience says that you can’t strategize your core focus areas for a day’s disruption. You can only obtain organic growth if your firm is prepared to deal with changing market developments. At Radixweb, our constant focus has been on rethinking our business processes, recalibrating our operations, recovering and generating new streams of revenue, and accelerating the use of core digital solutions.

Lockdowns and stay-at-home directives have not only forever altered the way we look at work and productivity but also the way leaders are planning recovery and how to cope with challenges that come in line with it. And as one of the globally acclaimed IT firms, we observe ourselves as a human talent capital and prioritize the core attributes of perspective, potential, and purpose.

Let me break these down for you:

1. Perspective: A strong data-backed business strategy to gradually move into an all-digital future.

2. Potential: Identifying an achievable feat by the workforce; determining practical goals and performance metrics for them which propel their all-round development and helps to realize the firm’s business goals.

3. Purpose: Creating a healthy balance between employee well-being and financial gains; developing a neo-modern work system that focuses on your true purpose.

As one of the chair-holders in an organically booming IT firm, it is both my interest and responsibility to leave solid digital footprints in specific verticals where we have in-depth strength. We must realize that in spite of being a globally acclaimed business, each one of us IT service providers makes a small ecosystem of our own – and we should strive to make it a sustainable one.

I must say that the last couple of months has been one of the most invaluable learning phases in my 21 years as a COO, more so because it tested the viability of our carefully developed business strategy of reprioritization. Right since its inception, Radixweb has been one organization that supports rapid disruption in the tech space, fuelled by a marvelous passion for igniting digital innovation across our and our associates’ business processes.

Time and again, we have been able to majorly realign our priorities through these robust drives:

1. Reflecting on crisis management: This perhaps has proved to be one of the most crucial steps in the road to business recovery. As the higher ranks in the organization, which our teams affectionately call the C Suite, it is the utmost responsibility of we business leaders to analyze the crisis response system and determine what has worked for the firm. At Radixweb, we actively involved roping in perspectives from all major levels involved. One must realize that this isn’t a one-time procedure but an ongoing process.

2. Recommitting to goals: As much as we have prioritized the employee satisfaction quotient to run our business processes, it is also critical to re-emphasize business priorities and goals in the face of adversity. As a business leader, I found out that being transparent to the workforce eases half the job – the more informed your own people are about your scenario, the more empathetic they will be towards your new goals and rules. One reason Team Radixweb never failed to show us their unending support!

3. Re-engage with the team: No matter what the disruption is, it always boils down to some sort of misalignment within the team. And due to aplenty offshore projects, we have had hybrid teams for some time now that work across time zones to facilitate business continuity for our clients. The key is to be in touch, assure them of the viability of new work processes and build an all-inclusive environment for everyone in the team. Every software project recovery calls for some overhauls, and here we are talking about overhauling entire business processes. As a people-focused organization, we at Radixweb have encouraged flexibility to support critical business needs.

4. Reimagining workplaces: The infrastructural setup with which we began operating back in the 2000s has lost its relevance and use now. With time, modern technology has surpassed its predecessors, and each day stands as witnesses to disruptive innovation. To support this growth spurt, Radixweb has augmented its capacities so that our teams have seamless support to bring about catastrophic changes. From changes in work processes to revamping business policies and building new infrastructures – I can proudly say that we have carefully integrated change in every sprint of our growth.

5. Re-boosting HR priorities: Gone are the days when we would limit the HR capabilities to hiring and firing – HR has a more revamped and critical role to perform in a modern workplace. We must acknowledge the fact that HR is gradually moving towards a more decision-making role when it comes to process recovery. With reinvigorating employee engagement and commitment, developing robust performance metrics, adapting organizational strategies – the HR function has a more active value for digital teams across the world.

I believe in 21 years of our operations; our winning strategy was rapidly innovating our response to the disruption each time. By adopting practical solutions to speed up the recovery process, Radixweb has managed to hold up its commitment to deliver global competitiveness even in a changing landscape – something that makes all of us Radixians immensely proud!

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Dharmesh Acharya spearheads global operations at Radixweb as its COO and leverages his creative vision to design brilliant tech-powered solutions. His visionary mindset and exceptional leadership qualities have been a phenomenal drive for making Radixweb the most sought-after Software Development Outsourcing Company. His brainchild, onprintshop – a w2p solutions has revolutionized the print industry. Apart from driving technology innovations, golfing holds his fancy.